Forbes to prepare for major flood

The Forbes Iron Bridge, currently at 10.39m, is expected to peak at 10.6 metres on Sunday.

The Forbes Iron Bridge, currently at 10.39m, is expected to peak at 10.6 metres on Sunday.

Flood waters are on the rise at Forbes Iron Bridge, where a peak of 10.6 metres is expected around Sunday with major flooding.

The Bureau of Meteorology released a flood warning at 10am this morning, when water heights at the Iron Bridge were 10.31 metres.

Flood levels at the bridge are now currently 10.39m as recorded at 3:30pm. 

Nichole Richardson, SES Lachlan Region Controller, said in a Facebook video update on Friday afternoon:

“What is different about this flood is that in 1990 the flood occured on an empty catchment.

What we are now experiencing is major flooding already in Jemalong and Condobolin and a very wet catchment.

We need to look at what our risks are now, prepare our properties and be prepared to make safe decisions when it is safe to do so.”

As a result of the flood level predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology for Forbes Iron Bridge, the NSW State Emergency Service recommends that residents within the nominated areas should prepare to evacuate within the next 24 hours.

South West Forbes (Lake Forbes to Newell Hwy)

Elizabeth St, Farnell St, Forester St, Hilda St, Junction St, Lachlan St, Marcia St, Racecourse Rd, Show St, Thelma St and Warrul Street.

North Forbes and the CBD

Battye St, Bedgerebong Rd, Browne St, Camp St, Clear St, Cross St, Farnell St, Farrand St, Grenfell St, Johnson St, North Circle Dr, Dowling St, Parkes Rd, Rankin St, Renfree St, Sam Street, Sherriff St, Spring St and Templar St.

East Forbes

Bandon St, Barwin St, Bridge St, Church St, Clark St, Ferry St, Flint St, Herbert St, Hill St, James St, Ooma St, Orange Rd, Oxford St, Rifle Range Rd, Sandhills Rd, Twogood Ln and Young St.

South Forbes

Bathurst St, Blackwood St, Cargo Ln, Church St, Claret St, College Rd, Forbes – Cowra Rd, Mole Ln, Moselle St, Muscat St, Reymond St, River Rd, Stacey St, Wambat St and Wandary Ln.

Residents should monitor the situation and be prepared to evacuate when instructed to do so.

A Flood Evacuation Order will be issued by the NSW SES if evacuation is required.

What is an Evacuation WARNING?

When flooding is likely to cut evacuation routes or inundate property, the NSW SES may issue an Evacuation Warning as a ‘heads up’ to prepare for possible future evacuation.

What is an Evacuation ORDER?

When you are required to evacuate, the SES will issue an Evacuation Order advising people of what to do and where to go.

There are a number of ways you might hear about the need to evacuate including, but not limited to, door knock (by SES or other emergency services), through radio stations, or by automated telephone and/or SMS.

If an Evacuation Order is issued, you must evacuate immediately.

You should try to seek shelter with family or friends well away from flood impacted areas.

In larger floods, evacuation centres may be established to help people affected by the flooding. 

Raise belongings by placing them on tables, beds and benches. Put electrical items on top. 

Collect together medicines, personal and financial documents, mementos and photos. 

If possible, check to see if neighbours need help.

Make arrangements for care of pets or other animals, or take your pets with you when you evacuate.  

Take at least three days’ supply of clothing, medicines and personal hygiene products.  

If you are planning to go to the evacuation centre, take blankets/sleeping bags, pillows and sleeping mats.  

Find out where to turn off the electricity and gas.

Continue to listen to a local radio station for updates.

Many roads are currently flooded.

Sandbags are available at the Forbes SES Unit.

Volunteers are needed to help fill sandbags.


Forbes to West Wyalong (Newell Highway) closed at Marsden. Detour via Parkes, Eugowra, Canowindra, Cowra, Young and Temora

Forbes to Bogan Gate (The Bogan Way) 

Forbes to Grenfell (Henry Lawson Way) closed at Muddy Lagoon. Water over road in several places. Detour via New Grenfell Road.

Forbes to Cowra (Lachlan Valley Way) closed at Dukes Crossing. Detour via Parkes, Eugowra, Canowindra. 

Forbes to Eugowra (The Escort Way) now closed at Southern Cross. Detour via Parkes. 


Forbes to Bedgerabong is closed. The only access available is via Bogan Gate, Condobolin, Lachlan Valley Way and Hodges Road (Straney’s Bridge – not B-Double rated)  

Lachlan Valley Way (South Condobolin Road) at 17 Mile and 21 Mile 

Bedgerabong Road (at Little Plains and “Astron Park”)

Boxfield Road (at Goonigal Creek)

Bundaburrah Crossing (Farnell Street/Show Street)

Corridgery Road (to Bedgerabong)

Corridgery Road (to Bogan Gate)

Dukes Road (from Lachlan Valley Way to Wandary Lane)

Edols Road (entire length)

Forest Road (from Littles Road to Troubalgie Road)

Noakes Road (Bedgerabong area)

Pinnacle Road (Garema area)

Quirks/Drabsch Road (several kilometres)

Saddleback Road (Landrace Road to Woolshed Road)

Salisbury Road (at Salisbury Crossing between Bedgerabong Road and Racecourse Road)

Sandhills Road (multiple causeways)

Slimbridge Road (from Yarrabandi to Bedgerabong)

Trigg Hill Road (Cookamidgera)

Wambat Street (Johnny Woods Crossing)

Warroo Road (at Warroo end near church)

West Plains Road (from Lows Road to Bogies Island) 

Wirrinya Road (at Dog and Duck)

Wongajong Road (Lachlan Valley Way to Henry Lawson Way)

Yarrabandai Road (west of Four Ways)


Newell Highway (Forbes to Parkes)

New Grenfell Road  

Ashburnham Road (Cookamidgera area) 

Bogoin Lane (200m from intersection with Bedgerabong Road)

Coonambro Way (Cookamidgera area) 

Council reminds residents that it is not only an offence to drive through a road closed sign but also dangerous as the road pavement condition is not known and there could be logs submerged in the water.

Under no circumstances will Council provide permission to drive through roads that are closed.

Motorists can also check for updates or local council websites before travelling. Should you have any queries or wish to report water over roads please do not hesitate to contact Engineering and Technical Services on 6850 2874 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday or 1300 978 633 after hours.


Due to the current wet conditions and the forecast of more rain all unsealed roads in the Forbes Shire are closed to vehicles over 3 tonne, except school buses, emergency vehicles and Council road plant.

Please note that concessions are possible, on application, for urgent transport activity on routes considered suitable to carry the proposed loadings.  Contact Forbes Shire Council’s Engineering and Technical Services Department on 6850 2874 to discuss the requirements for a concession.

This restriction will be reviewed 12 noon on Wednesday 21 September, 2016.

Council regrets the inconvenience caused however the safety of our community and the preservation of the road asset are of prime importance.

Floodwaters contain many hidden dangers - debris, snakes, sewage and diseases.

Some hazards such as tree branches or large pot holes may be hidden beneath the surface.

Never walk, ride or play in floodwaters. Only a small amount of water is enough to cause vehicles to become immobilised or washed away. This has resulted in fatalities when a motorist makes an unsafe choice to drive through floodwater. Don’t drive if you don’t have to in this event! 

NSW SES 132 500 For assistance in floods and storms (resupply to isolated properties, sandbag requests, flood assistance.) 

NSW Police 000 Flood rescues and life threatening emergencies.

For road closures- Forbes Shire Council 6850 2300 or AH 1300 978 633

For road closures- Parkes Shire Council 6861 2333

For road closures- Lachlan Shire 

Council 6895 1900 

For road Closures- RMS 132 701 or 

For road closures- Local Land Services 6850 1600 or 1300 795 299 Queries related to stock and primary production.

NSW SES have completed 275 jobs in the Lachlan Region with 24 of these being flood rescues. These members are volunteers who give up their time to help out our community. They don't get paid but they are there for us when we are in need.

If you see someone in the orange uniform in your town, take the time to say hello and thank them for their continual assistance.

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