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The Forbes Netball Association will play Round 4 of the Spring night competitions this week.

Lots of registrations have been paid from last week. Well done to those players who are now fully financial.

All players are reminded that if they take the court and have not fully paid both registrations and competition fees, their game will be forfeited.

Team representatives must report to the office this week, and update their team sheets, with all players details, and team contact details.

Team representatives are also asked to state on the team sheet, who in the ladies competition is playing in the mixed competition, to ensure their games do not clash.

Monthly meeting: The October monthly meeting of the FNA will be held this Thursday night, October 20, at the Forbes Services Memorial Club starting at 7pm.

All teams must be represented and will receive two competition bonus points.

Agenda items must reach the Secretary Lyn Ford, email by tonight, Tuesday October 18.

FNA Representatives

The FNA Committee is calling for all players turning 14, 15 and under 17 years in 2017, to apply for 2017 representative teams.

The Committee will be available today, Tuesday, October 18, from 6pm at the Forbes netball courts, to answer any questions and give out the application forms.

Applications for these age groups close the following Tuesday, October 25, where once again, the Committee will be available at 6pm at the netball courts, to take application forms and answer any questions.

The teams will not start training until early 2017.

The under 17 team will compete in the NNSW State Championships on June 10-12, 2017, and the 14 and 15 years teams will compete in the NNSW State Age Championships on July 1-3, 2017.

Draw for Wednesday October 19

Tyrepower did not umpire last week, for the first time, and must pay a $20 fine before they can play this week.

The team will lose two competition bonus points, and give their opposition a five goal start in their next game.

Ladies competition: 7pm court 4 Forbes Engineering versus Forbes Inn, (Janssen Mores/Jack Piercy). 8pm court 4 MDT versus Golfie, (Kally/Gabe/Fiona/WoDoc 2 umpires/Marg Spackman sup). 8pm court 5 Not Enough versus Red Benders (Robyn Kenny/Carmen Stephens). Bye-All Sorts.

Mixed competition: 6pm court 4 Boganmites versus Carrots, (Forbes Inn). 6pm court 5 Maguire Contracting versus WoDoc, (Robyn Kenny/Marg Spackman). 7pm court 5 McClintocks versus Too Much, (Robyn Kenny/Brianna Duncan). 7pm court 6 Tyrepower versus Lucerne Up, (Jess Lawler/Marg Spackman).

All teams are reminded to look carefully through the draw for umpiring duties.

The majority of times, the allocated umpires are the volunteers from the FNA Umpire Development program, who volunteer to umpire every week.

There will be an occasional team duty, where two umpires will be required to umpire the full game.

SSAA Shoot Report

On Saturday, October 8, three intrepid shooters braved the mud and floodwaters to compete in a sports rimfire match on the Begerebong Road range.

Stuart McMahon came first, Peter Browne, Range Officer, second and Jason Norris came third.

The next shoot will be on Saturday, October 15, for information contact Peter Browne on 04030 085 045 or Wayne Parsonson 0419 276 469  or John Driscoll on 0407 936 993.

A reminder that the Annual General Meeting will be held on October 23. At 1pm sharp prior to the shoot.


Golf Croquet Tuesday, October 11

Kath Broderick, Libby Smart 8 defeated Elvy Quirk. Lorraine Todd 5. Bob Murray, John H Browne 8 defeated Ken Styles, Colleen Liebich 5. John Cole, Dorothea Croker 8 defeated Mary Hodges, Tony Thomson 5. Mal Smith, Sam Kilmore 7 defeated Bill Scott, Marg Nelson 6. Mary Hodges, Libby Smart 9 defeated Lorraine Todd, John MacCullagh 4. John Cole, Elvy Quirk 7 defeated Kath Broderick, Dorothea Croker 6. Mal Smith, Colleen Liebich 9 defeated Bill Scott, Sam Kilmore 4. John Brown, Marg Nelson 8 defeated Alec Todd, Tony Thomson 5. Bob Murray, John H Browne 9 defeated Judith Lytton, Ken Styles, 4. Alec Todd, Libby Smart 7 defeated Colleen Liebich, Mal Smith 6. John Cole, John H Browne 9 defeated Elvy Quirk, Ken Styles 4. Dorothea Croker, Mary Hodges 10 defeated Marg Nelson, Sam Kilmore 3. Bob Murray, John MacCullagh 8 defeated John Brown, Kath Broderick 5. Lorraine Todd, Veva MacCullagh 7 defeated Tony Thomson, Bill Scott 6.

Aussie Saturday, October 15

Bruce Field, Doreen Rogers 14 defeated Sam Kilmore, Lorna Field 10. Dorelle Scott, Bon Murray 14 defeated Judy Ellis, Bill Scott 9. Kath Broderick 14 defeated Anne Stewart, 12. Joan Littlejohn, John MacCullagh 14 defeated John Cole, Harley Stewart 11. Libby Smart, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated Alec Todd, Cherylin Cole 11. Tony Thomson 14 defeated Marg Nelson, Dorothea Croker 13. Bruce Field, Kath Broderick 14 defeated Sam Kilmore, Bill Scott 10. Libby Smart 14 defeated Dorelle Scott, John MacCullagh 11. Cherylin Cole, Joan Littlejohn 14 defeated Marg Nelson, Anne Stewart 10. Harley Stewart 14 defeated Doreen Rogers 12. Tony Thomson, Lorna Field 14 defeated Dorothea Croker, John Cole 12. Alec Todd, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated Judy Ellis, Bob Murray 12. Libby Smart, Kath Broderick 14 defeated John MacCullagh, Marg Nelson 10. Harley Stewart, Bill Scott 14 defeated Alec Todd 10. Cherylin Cole, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated Lorna Field, Bob Murray 11.  Sam Kilmore, Anne Stewart 14 defeated Dorothea Croker, Bruce Field 11. Tony Thomson, Joan Littlejohn 14 defeated Dorelle Scott, John Cole 12.

Round Four Action: Forbes Netball Spring nights competition continues this week. Team representatives must report to the office this week.

Round Four Action: Forbes Netball Spring nights competition continues this week. Team representatives must report to the office this week.

Indoor bowls

by Barb Hoswell.

Last Wednesday, October 12, winners were Wilma Hepburn, Doreen Rogers, Liz England with two wins, one loss 36 points. 

Runners-up were Sandy Hepburn, Betty Rees, Vera McPetine Smith and Betty McGrath, two wins, one loss and 21 points. 

Encouragement award went to Denny Smith, Joan Littlejohn, Joyce McKenzie and Sam Gilmore. 

In house raffle went to Betty McGrath, Betty Rees and Vera McPetine.  Well wishes go out to anyone who’s on the sick list.

Everyone is welcome to come and join us with a game of bowls next Wednesday at the Youth and Community Centre. 

Names in by 1pm for 1.30pm start. Until next week, take care, stay safe and well.