Forbes community delivers Physio Touch for hospital

Happy representatives of the fundraising bodies with Forbes Health Service staff and the PhysioTouch machine.

Happy representatives of the fundraising bodies with Forbes Health Service staff and the PhysioTouch machine.

Forbes hospital’s Physio Touch machine has been delivered – purchased by an enormous community fundraising push late last year.

Representatives from Forbes Can Assist, Forbes Long Lunch Fundraiser Committee, Rebecca Rawsthorne’s Parkes Girls Night In, Forbes Evening Branch CWA, Parkes Can Assist, Parkes Quota, Parkes Golf Club and Forbes Hospital Garden Party came to see the new machines after their arrival to Parkes and Forbes Physiotherapy Departments.

A couple of the first patients to use the machine, Lesley Teale and Yvonne McIntosh, were on hand for the presentation as part of their involvement with Forbes Evening Branch CWA and Can Assist respectively. 

Both said it had given them great relief and improvement from quite long-term issues.

The Physio Touch applies negative pressure, pulsation and mechanical vibration to the skin and has the effect of:

• Increasing lymph drainage in the treatment of lymphoedema

• Increasing tissue perfusion and delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissues

• Improving metabolism in soft tissues

• Breaking down and softening any hardening of the tissues such as fibrosis, adhesions and scarring

• Reducing pain associated with any of the above and other soft tissue injuries

Among many uses, it is useful for lymphoedema treatment post breast surgery.

Dianne Green the Lachlan Health Service McGrath Breast Care Nurse said it was exciting to be a part of delivering advanced treatments locally.

“The Physio Touch is mostly used in the private sector within NSW so providing this on a public level in our regional area has been a result of community support which we are truly grateful for,” she said. 

PICTURED ABOVE: Peter Corliss, Yvonne McIntosh, Sarah Job, Cheryl Brown, Erica Campbell, Debbie Jakes, Helen Westwood, Annie Mooy, Lesley Teale, Michelle Mahlo, Taylah Hemming, Julie Morgan, Brenda Hurst, Amy Millerd and Di Green were thrilled to see the PhysioTouch machine arrive at Forbes physiotherapy department. 

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