Forbes golfing news

The long weekend brought bright skies, early frosts and a lot of opportunity for fun for everyone. The course was once again set up well for all to enjoy.

Looking Good: Steven modelling the jacket that is provided to the winner of any Forbes group travelling to another venue to play.

Looking Good: Steven modelling the jacket that is provided to the winner of any Forbes group travelling to another venue to play.

On Saturday the 2017 CanAssist 4-Person Ambrose was played, with 106 players enjoying sunshine and good laughs as they managed to gather nearly $2000 to help the CanAssist Appeal. This format always brings out the good golfers and the social golfers, and often results in some surprise winners.

This year the surprise was that a group of good golfers actually won. Led by Andrew Dukes, Mike Spice and Michael Browne followed diligently while Marty Cahill ensured no opportunity was lost to encourage a good laugh. They won on count back with a Scratch score of 68.

Can-Assist Event: Phillip Nicholson, Breadon Traves and Melissa Nicholson missing is Jared Nicholson.

Can-Assist Event: Phillip Nicholson, Breadon Traves and Melissa Nicholson missing is Jared Nicholson.

The Handicap winners were a group that enjoy the ‘Summer Sixes’ format and who roped in some ‘unknown’ talent. Mitch Roylance, Jono Roylance, Michael Little and Andrew Quirk did really well to finish with a Nett 571/2. Place getters went to:

Handicap Runner-up: Serey Griffiths, Veronica Rebellato, Jenny Fletcher, Jimmy Carpenter on count-back with 55 ¼. Third: Tim West, Luke Hurford, Craig Anderson, Ash Hogan on 55¼. Fourth: Phil Nicholson, Jarrod Nicholson, B Travers, Melissa Nicholson on 573/8. Fifth: Mark Watts, Jenny Watts, Doug Churchill, Debbie Churchill on 573/8. Sixth: B Dawson, P O’Connor, E Burke, G Hooper on 57½. Seventh: Fleur Wells, Phil Wells, S French, T Morgan on 575/8.

Other prizes were: Second Shot Men – 12th Hole: Jono Roylance. Second Shot Ladies – 12th Hole: Kayla Smith. NTP-First Ladies: Nil. First Men: Nick Ryan. Third Ladies: Nil. Third Men: N McMillan. Ninth Ladies: Cindy Nellier. Ninth Men: Dave Cutler. 18th Ladies: Veronica Rebellato; 18th Men: Barry Parker.

Congratulations to all the workers and to the sponsors. Unfortunately a tireless worker was unable to fully enjoy the day. Andrew Grierson had sustained a leg injury and while he could not participate he did put out the NTP cards before play started, and then retiring to bed. We trust you get well soon Andrew.

Costumes are always a hit on these occasions. But unfortunately no photos were taken, which probably means some ‘dressed-up’ players are saved a bit of embarrassment. Congratulations to all involved in organising the day. And to those serious and fun golfers, see you again next year.

The Stableford Medley on Sunday continued the theme of good conditions and good support although the numbers of Ladies was down a bit. There were some different winners this week, however some of the stalwarts still managed a mention.

Paul Kay won the day with 39 points, no doubt buoyed in good humour by the Socceroos victory earlier in the week. Runner-up was Dave Rhodes with 36 points, and who seemed to play well but ‘left a few out there’.

The ball sweep went to 35 points, and was collected by Ray Taylor. The NTP’s were: Ninth – P Grayson; 18th – P Kay. Surprisingly there were no 2’s. It was also good to see two visitors. Matt Donohue (Royal Sydney), who was playing alongside Frank, and Pete De Haan (Rosebud) did what many visitors do – enjoy the walk even if the score is not remarkable. Welcome guys. Monday also had a Stableford Medley, and also was played in lovely conditions.

The Ladies came to the fore with Jill Cripps taking the honours on 38 points. She was well ahead of Stuart French on 34 points, who got there by count-back. There was no ball sweep, but the NTP’s went to: Ninth– D Earl; 18th – E Coombs. And you guessed it, no 2’s again. It is almost a drought! And no visitors either.

On the weekend a large group of players travelled to Nelson Bay to take part in the ‘Waterworld Classic’. Despite the forecasts of near endless torrential rain, much golf was played in good conditions. And contrary to rumours there was a serious side to the trip. Club Captain represented the Forbes contingent well, delivering a speech utilising well chosen words. And he was resplendent as a winner.

But there are some highlights. Way at the top was the “Very Nearly a Hole-in-One” played by Mark Collits. His tee shot on the 8th had the perfect flight, with a slight draw. It landed and rolled sweetly to the hole, finishing less than six inches from the hole. Unfortunately there are no photos as the pressure from the group behind was quite intense, causing Mark’s group to scurry away from this near-historical event.

A casual observer would wonder why so many players went into and out of the trees. Jeff Haley was seen to be ‘amongst the shrubs’ on the long par-5 22nd hole. When asked, many Forbes golfers admitted they were in the trees, but looking for their playing partners balls and not their own. You would think these guys would have had enough of being in the trees at home.

Brian Doyle was unlucky to not come away with a prize. He played what may have been his worst game of golfer and seemed assured of the “Bradman” award, but missed out. That honour going to….(not telling). Peter Barnes and Graham Newport both did well to collect prizes in the ‘Waterworld’ major event, while Peter and Digit McAuliffe teamed well in the Hidden Foursomes.

Here is the News: Do not forget the Holden Scramble on Sunday 18 June. We need plenty of players to ensure the winning team gains entry to the Regional Finals. To help in this the PGA will allow us to take entry registration and payments at the Pro Shop. We will be able to hand out prizes so we can still have fun. The ‘Winter 3’s’ competition results. The winner of week three was Mike Sutcliffe with a nett 28. Others to pick up balls were: 32 - Jill Cripps, K Brockman; 33 – R Taylor, P Kay. Well done guys.

The Wallace Cup draw is up, with some interesting matches in the first round. For those who like to travel, do not forget the Tottenham Open and the Grenfell Open, both scheduled for Sunday, July 2.

It is crystal ball time: Saturday, June 17 is an 18-hole Stroke event, sponsored by Country Mile Motor Inn. They always have a welcoming smile. Sunday, June 18 we have the Holden Scramble. Success here will earn you a spot in the Regional final scheduled for March 2018.

- by Short Putt

Ladies’ Golf

The Lady Golfers are now enjoying the cool frosty weather and the not so easy course, some have headed north to the warmer weather. On June 7 twenty three ladies played an 18 hole Stableford for the Just Jane's Hair Salon Trophy. Division One Winner was Janet Smith (38), R/Up Heather Davidson (32). Division Two Winner Enid Baker 35 on a Count Back from Jill Cripps. NTP ninth Marie Reid and 18th Janet Smith. Sweep went to J Smith, E Baker, J Cripps, H Davidson and J Morgan(32)

On June 14 Elders Insurance Sponsored an 18 Hole Stableford in two Divisions with Colleen Bratton winning Division One(36) and R/Up Denise Squires (34). In Division Two Jill Cripps back in form with 38 with Sally Perry being Runner Up with 33 on a Count Back. N T P 9th Heather Davidson and 18th Robin Lyell. Sweep  J Cripps, C Bratton, D Squires and S Perry. Congratulation to all those in the winners circle.

This Saturday is the Betta Home Living Trophy in one Division with Jill Cripps on cards. Trangie Open Tournament on June 20-21 is Stroke Round 4 Golf NSW Medal, Veterans Country Championships Sponsored by Robb's Jewelers in Two Divisions Teresa is on cards.

- by Roving Reporter