Dragons celebrate end of season

The Forbes Dragon Boat Club’s official season has come to an end with a final paddle and breakfast on the Sports and Recreation Club deck to celebrate a very successful season.

The Lachlan Dragons travelled to Sydney for Chinese New Year as one of many events this season.

The Lachlan Dragons travelled to Sydney for Chinese New Year as one of many events this season.

The club has had a very busy season both competing at several regattas as well as our usual Sunday and Thursday paddling.

We have been represented at regional and state championship with some outstanding performances by our club members.

The Mulwala challenge where the team paddle over 20km was describe by several members as an event not to be missed.

The club coach Carmen Stephens has been an outstanding find this year.

Her ability to train and coach the team in all the required technique and skill is great.

The different levels and ability of the members paddling require a sound knowledge and patience of how to get the best out of all the member in dragon boating, whether there for the social paddle or full on competition paddlers.

The dragon boat club is very thankful of our sweeps Neil Stephens, Kathryn Sweeney and Bill Thomas. Without these accredited sweeps the club would be unable to operate.

It’s also good to see other member Michael Green and Chris Favell having a go at sweeping.

The club annual general meeting is on the 6th of July 6.30 at the Forbes Sports and Recreation club .All members are invited to attend and put forward their ideas and views.

Committee members the past year have been: 

President - Robyn Stephens;

Secretary - Warren Edwards; 

Treasurer - Michael Green; 

Shed/Boat/Equipment Coordinator - Ian Prince; 

Registrar and Website - Kristine Dobell; 

Board Member - Neil Stephens; 

Publicity, Communications & Grants Coordinator - Chris Sweeney.

The club has formed a committee to look at an upgrade the club uniform.

They will be giving an update about what they have discovered in the search for a new uniform.

One of the highlights for the club this season has been the opening of a shed down by Lake Forbes to store their two newly restored dragon boats. 

A number of Lachlan Dragon members made the National Titles as part of the Western Region Squad: Carmen Stephens (drummer), Helen Rowbotham, Claire Davis, Beth Thomas (manager), Rochelle Smith, and Warren Edwards.

If you are interested in dragon boating and would like to come and try, check us out on Facebook - Forbes Dragon Boat Club - or through the group’s web site http://www.forbesdragonboat.org/ 

The club will resume serious training in August in preparation for the next season regattas and the Kalari –Lachlan River Arts Festival in September.

And finally Dragon Boating – the most fun you can have sitting down.