Sculpture hot topic at council meeting

Forbes Shire Council’s meeting today may get heated as councillors vote on whether to make Albion Park a sculpture park.

The discussion follows a development application about the display of sculptures at the former hotel site which was on public exhibition in July.

While the DA is about the sculpture park in general, the controversial Pyramid sculpture sparked plenty of debate among residents, many of whom made submissions to council, both for and against the bronze artwork.

Council received a total of 41 submissions and a petition in relation to the DA during the exhibition period.

Sixteen of those were in support of a sculpture park with no submissions opposing it.

Council also received seven submissions in support of placing the Pyramid sculpture in the park with 18 submissions opposing the installation of the sculpture.

A petition signed by 221 people also opposed the placement of the Pyramid sculpture in the park.

While the Pyramid sculpture caused tongues to wag, the proposal is not about a specific sculpture.

Instead councillors will be voting on the recommendation that they grant consent for a sculpture park at 127-135 Lachlan Street, subject to the following conditions: all sculptures for display in the sculpture park are to be structurally sound and securely fitted with any moveable parts securely attached; sculptures shall not give rise to any noise or other nuisance to any adjoining properties; sculptures are to be of a temporary nature; and all sculptures being installed are not to interfere with the safety of pedestrians using the park and surrounding footways.

The proposal will be a starting point for the ‘Somewhere Down the Lachlan Sculpture Trail’.