Chance for local kids to join DJ Jazzy on stage

DJ Jazzy is coming to Forbes on April 22 and looking for three talented young Forbes performers to join her on stage.

DJ Jazzy is coming to Forbes on April 22 and looking for three talented young Forbes performers to join her on stage.

Forbes kids … it’s time to chase your dream. 

Calling talented Forbes kids for the DJ Jazzy Get Whacky Tour - all singers, dancers, rappers, musicians, any type of talent for her ‘Chasing the Dream competition’. 

DJ Jazzy will be in Forbes next month, and is looking for talented local children to participate in her live “Get Whacky Tour” which will commence in regional NSW in the April school holidays. 

Your child could be one of the local stars showcased at her next show. 

DJ Jazzy is here to help find the superhero in your kid, and help their dream come true.

She is is looking to showcase three up and coming talented young artist/groups from each town that she is performing live in.

All audition applicants must be residents (and schooled) in NSW and live within one hour’s drive of the location. 

Auditions will be done online by submitting an online video.

To enter, go to her website and the Chasing the Dream competition under the News tab. All entries require parental consent, and must be submitted by April 8.

The three chosen ‘artists’ will be notified and will become part of the show in Forbes. 

DJ Jazzy is next level when it comes to family entertainment and is the new generation of children’s music focussed on providing family oriented entertainment services specifically targeted to young people. 

DJ Jazzy encompass a style and range of music that appeals to her target audience from two to 12 year olds and their families. 

DJ Jazzy “Get Whacky” tour will give fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with this  amazing young artists, her dancers and featured showcase talent through an exciting live performance experience, along with a meet and greet. 

DJ Jazzy’s secret formula is creating music with positive and self empowering messages.

Masking this with commercial pop music you would hear on the radio, the only difference is her message and it is a powerful one!

“The DJ Jazzy Show is a highly interactive and entertaining show. Her music delivers messages of creativity, being different and loving who you are,” according to a tour spokesperson.

“DJ Jazzy uses her musical platform to teach about the important issues of life with a strong musical influence based around beats, sampling, beatboxing, light and visual effects.

“She also teaches hip hop moves and the importance of keeping fit and healthy through movement. 

Her sound is described as a mix of dance/dance pop/dub and hip hop, and she is currently working hard on her debut album and show. 

DJ Jazzy, and her three successful local talents, will be performing at Forbes Services Memorial Club on April 22 at 11am.

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