Silo Bags puts a call out for help for flood-hit farmers

The wet season has seen an inundation of requests for silo bags as widespread areas are subjected to flooding and access issues.

Company, Silo Bags, has been shipping as many new bagging machines as it can, and has sold, to-date, enough bags to store in excess of 2.5 million tonnes of grain.

But each day the company is getting more desperate calls for help so that crops can be saved.

It has sparked a call to action from the company.

A Silo Bags spokesman said some farmers were telling the company that unless they could get a bagger and bag some grains, it might the last crop they plant.

“We asking fellow farmers if they have machines available for hire or loan, so their fellow colleagues may save some of their grains that are currently flood bound or inaccessible to transport, as this is becoming a huge problem,” the spokesman said.

It is hopeful that some southern farmers, who harvest later in the season, may be able to offer their current baggers to farmers in the north who have an earlier harvest. 

Silo Bags can supply bags, as it is still shipping bags, but it needs some baggers to achieve a positive outcome for those desperate farmers

Anybody who can assist with this project please contact the company directly, on 0417 220 795,, or their local Silo Bag dealer who will co-ordinate this drive.

The company hopes that baggers will be forthcoming so those in desperate need can salvage at least some crop.


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