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Forbes Men’s Golf

The good work of the staff and volunteers in preparing a composite array of holes was well rewarded. With much glee 33 Forbes golfers participated in a Stableford Medley, attacking the course with vigour, returning some marvellous scores, 

The route utilised some existing holes and some challenging and ingenious temporary tee sites. There was great expectation in high scores, as the composite layout was played to the ‘par’ on the card even though there were some significantly shortened holes. The cumulative nominal, or card, par for the holes played was 69, but was only 60 for the way each actually played.

Winner waw Alby Callaghan 53 points. He was so delighted that he spent most of Sunday ringing everybody he knew to tell them. 

Runner-up was Dave Rhodes, who may have won the day if he had not scored a few too many one pointers.

The ball sweep went to 45 points, being distributed to those above plus: 51 C.Duncan, 50 S.Kirkman, M.Cartwright, 49 D.Earl, I.Bown, B.Drabsch, 46 K.Herbert, 45 F.Collie, J Cripps.

The NTP’s went to: Ninth I.Bown, 18th R Morris. Ian got his ‘two’, but Ron, despite his claims for accuracy, missed his by slicing a two foot putt. The stats for two’s are quite interesting. There were only two two’s on the 18th, but six on the ninth. The ninth was a challenge with a temporary tee, short hole, sloping green and water behind.

There were also two ‘albatrosses’ scored, both on the 15th. This will be a real claim to fame for Dave Rhodes and Phil Maher, but of course without also mentioning that the tee was placed only metres on the far side of the creek. The 15th was really hammered ‘against the card’, with 29 eagles and 50 birdies scored by the players.

Ian Bown scored a ‘two’ on the ninth that could have so easily been a hole-in-one. If it had, the story would have significantly embellished the shot, but the actual shot was quite funny. From the temporary tee Ian part-skulled his tee shot. It flew barely feet off the ground, struck both grassy humps before the green, which took the pace of it, and dribbled candidly towards the hole, finishing less than a foot from the pin. The putt was needed to halve the hole.

Paul Pymont was the ground-breaker after such a long lay-off. On the first his tee shot skewed right, struck the first tree and rebounded almost onto the verandah of the Golfie Hotel. Shaken but not stirred he parred the hole with his second ball to earn a point, and then ‘eagled’ the 15th three times.

Paul Kay, who seemed very rusty, tee shot was a definite oops (shhh - I cannot say the word) that cleared the mesh fence and finished on the putting green. But he too recovered well to score a point and finish with a creditable total.

The ninth was definite challenge. One player to succumb to the ninth demon was Stevie G. He was short the first time, skulled his shot to the back the second time, then found the mud before the creek on his third try.

The 15th was certainly easy for most players, with chip-ins being common place. But one player had trouble clearing the creek, dunking his ball into the water. Luckily Alby was able to lend Bruce Chandler a spare ball. But the final word goes to Alby, who can claim all the glory for scoring an eagle ‘three’ on the 15th at the ripe age of 81. There is as story that will earn a few beers.

Players were out again on Sunday for the regular Stableford medley. It was quite a small field, but all were enthusiastic and keen to get their exercise. The winner was Ron Morris, with 51 points, closely followed by Barb Drabsch with 48 points.

The NTP’s went to: Ninth R Morris, 18th – nobody. And once again Ron missed his ‘two’ on the NTP hole. There were only two two’s scored, by Ron and Scott Kirkman, both on the first.

The course has recovered very well. Jack Clarke has been appreciative of the help offered by regular volunteers, by new volunteers including the ladies, and by drop-in assistance. With this progress we could be on 14 holes by the weekend and then more. Jack also has some extra mowers on loan, which will be used to get the rough and longer grass under control. If anybody wants to drive one of these please see Jack. A priority is the spraying around trees to gain grass-control. So if you can help, see Jack.

Players in carts are asked to keep well clear of the greens and thus avoid deep wheel rutting, and puddling of water. The aim is to get the course in top shape for the Classic, scheduled for November 12, 13. And we may even get the Mens Club Championships in also.

Here is the news: The FGA AGM will be on October 26, at 6:30 pm. On Monday, Daniel participated in a Regional Final of the Holden Scramble on a course in Sydney. He and his team did okay, finishing second with 59 gross / 53.6 nett. They lost by 0.8 of a shot. There is always next year.

The Sixes competition is likely to start October 17. Make sure you have your team entry in. And do not forget the Sixes Team Coaching special, $10 per player and Daniel will get you sorted.

It is crystal ball time: October 15 was to be the first round of the Men’s Club Championships, with the Ladies Champs on Sunday. However, it is most likely going to be a Stableford event, mainly because of the composite layout. But turn up prepared for anything. The competition for the weekend of October 22-23 is yet to be determined, dependent on the course condition. But we should be on 18-holes if the weather is kind to us. The Nissan Classic weekend, November 12-13, is the goal.

Glad to be Golfing: Laurie O’Connor and Phil Dukes eager to get back into golf after the flood activity.

Glad to be Golfing: Laurie O’Connor and Phil Dukes eager to get back into golf after the flood activity.

Forbes Ladies’ Golf

The good news is that the back nine was played twice on October 12 by eight Ladies who were happy to be back on part of the course after a long break. Sue Shine had a great round with 39 Stableford points followed by Heather Davidson on 38 points and nearest the pin was Alison Kingston, this was not a sponsored competition due to the front nine still being closed so the girls just played for a ball. The bad news is that the Ladies Championships set down for this weekend have been postponed, best for everyone to keep in touch with the pro shop for the rescheduled date.

Our AGM held last week was very well attended with around 20 Ladies in attendance, we have two new faces on the Committee with Fleur Wells and Sarah Black being nominated, thank you to all for the big effort as life at Forbes has been far from exciting in the last two months. Kerry would like to remind the girls that have sponsored events during the year to have their donations in as soon as possible because our presentation and Christmas party is only seven weeks away. Anyone that is interested in putting their name down for the Silvers Team please do so, this will be held in Dubbo on the 4th November and the lowest six handicappers get to represent Forbes in this team event, this list is on the board, if you wish to know more about it just ring Kerry 0428 511 175.

The good news is that our girls had a wonderful time at the Mudgee Open Tournament last weekend with over 80 players from various parts of the state playing. Streams running through their course perfect weather with slick greens except for the speed, made happy golfers however the scores were not as you would expect as it was challenging.

On Saturday at Mudgee the 4BBB was played and our Forbes stars of Kerry Stirling and Debbie Dingwall were the runners up with 43 points. The other pairs from Forbes were Colleen Venables and Marie Reid 36, Colleen Bratton and Robyn Hammond 35, Teresa Armitage and Lyn Kennedy 35 Robin Lyell and Janet Smith played-sorry I didn’t get your score.

On Sunday with over eighty players we played in Scratch, Handicap and Stableford Competitions, ten of our girls played with happy outcomes. The best being Marie Reid in Division Two running second with 99 Scratch. Next was Teresa Armitage running first in Division Three Handicap with 78. In Division Two Handicap Colleen Venables came second with 77. In the Stableford Division Two Sally Crosby came second with 26 points.  Others that competed were Colleen Bratton, Robin Lyell, Kerry Stirling, Debbie Dingwall, Janet Smith and Lyn Kennedy.

Wellington Open Tournament will now be played on November 9 as they have water issues as well. They were due to play at the end of this month when Duntraleague Tournament is on-now you can play in both for those interested.