Create a Christmas tree, nativity for Rotary Ipomoea's annual festival

The members of Rotary invite you to make and decorate a Christmas tree or create a nativity scene for the 2016 community Christmas Tree Festival at the Forbes Town Hall.

The exhibition’s grand opening is at 5pm December 2.

It will be open to the public 9am to 5pm Saturday and again on Sunday morning.

Your nativity or tree can be big or small,” Rotary Ipomoea president Sue-Ann Nixon said.

“Trees can be commercially bought, a tree in a pot or in a bucket full of wet sand or a painted gum branch.

“Trees can be from recycled materials, welded, nailed or glued! Lights can be added but are not necessary.

“Nativity scenes can be any size and made from any materials.”

Rotary Ipomoea also invites entrants to place a Christmas greeting on or under your tree.

Please register your intention to participate by contacting mts Nixon by phone AH 68515197 or by email  

No entry will be too late but they would like to know if you are hoping to enter by November 25.

Entries will need to be delivered to the Town Hall before 11am if possible on the morning of December 2 and collected after midday Sunday, December 4.

There will be an $5 entry fee per tree or nativity, payable on delivery of your entry.

All monies raised will support local Rotary Ipomoea projects.

Mrs Nixon hopes many community members and groups take the opportunity to join with them to celebrate Christmas is this unique community based way.