Forbes sporting action

Ladies bowls

by Colleen Liebich

What a wonderful day of fun and frivolity was had by 48 men and ladies last week for our Irish Day the eight rinks played with all dressed in something green!

The clever bowlers who scored resting touches were Ann Nelson Trevor Currey and Mary Everson with the winning rink going to Wayne Moon Deanne Williams and Don Hodson. 

 The Best Dressed lady was Ann Nelson with Bob Grant the Best Dressed Man. A Spider competition was won by Ann Nelson and Kay Toohey and raffle winners were Rob Priest Lesley Dunstan and the hamper won by Dawn Parker (ParkesRD).

We had four visitors from Parkes who were so happy to share the day with us

The Menu for lunch was spectacular!  Irish Stew and veg and desserts with green jelly trifle and green cupcakes.

The ladies must be congratulated for their effort The Rainbow and Pot of gold and Fines for kissing the Blarney Stone all added much laughter and following on this success we will be organising something for Mothers Day.

There will be three games of Major Pairs played this week.

  • Annette Tisdell and Leisa Burton versus Pam Stevens and Anne Walker.
  • Loris Stewart, Mary Everson versus Ann Mackay and Sandra Priest.
  • Judy Girot, Colleen Dean versus Alison Cutcliffe and Pat Hodson

A committee meeting will be held after bowls tomorrow and social bowls will be enjoyed.

Just ring the Club between 8.30am and 9am to put your name in to play Looking forward to seeing you there

Croquet news

By Veva MacCullagh

It was decided at the meeting last Tuesday that our starting time reverts to 9am effective March 18 for both Golf and Aussie Croquet.

Next important date to put in your diary is Saturday, May 6 which is World Croquet Day all clubs are asked to celebrate this special day. More details will be published soon.

Anyone wishing to join us on this special day will be made very welcome

Results March 14: 

  • Tony Thomson, Bill Scott 8 defeated john MacCullagh, John H Browne 5.
  • Lorna Field, Libby Smart 8 defeated Mary Hodges, Lorraine Todd 5.
  • Elvy Quirk, Dorothea Croker 7 defeated Evelyn Mahlo, Veva MacCullagh 6.
  • Merv Langfield, Nev Morrison 7 defeated Alec Todd, Jeff Liebich 4.
  • Haley Stewart, Kevin Rubie 9 defeated Joan Littlejohn, Colleen Liebich 4. 
  • Caryl Slattery 8 defeated Barry White 5.
  • Bruce Field, Bob Murray 7 defeated Lindsay Watts, Jill Rubie 6. 
  • John H Browne, Mary Hodges 8 defeated Elvy Quirk, Colleen Liebich 5.
  • Alec Todd, Dorothea Croker 7 defeated Libby Smart, Nev Morrison 6.
  • John MacCullagh, Kevin Rubie 7 defeated Merv Langfield, Barry White 6.
  • Jill Rubie, Caryl Slattery 7 defeated Harley Stewart, Jeff Liebich 6.
  • Lorna Field, Lorraine Todd 7 defeated Evelyn Mahlo, Joan Littlejohn 6.
  • Bill Scott, Lindsay watts 7 defeated Tony Thomson, Veva MacCullagh 6.
  • Bob Murray 7 def Bruce Field, John Cole 6. Kevin Rubie 7 defeated Elvy Quirk 6.
  • Nev Morrison, Alec Todd 9 defeated Bruce Field, Colleen Liebich 4.
  • Harley Stewart, Veva MacCullagh 7 defeated Dorothea Croker, Libby Smart 6.
  • Barry White, Evelyn Mahlo 8 defeated Joan Littlejohn, Mary Hodges 5.
  • Bob Murray, Jeff Liebich 8 defeated Lorraine Todd, John Cole 5.
  • Merv Langfield, John H Browne 11 defeated Jill Rubie, Bill Scott 2.
  • Tony Thomson, John MacCullagh 7 defeated Lorna Field, Lindsay Watts 6.

Aussie Croquet March 18

It was great to welcome one of our life members Elizabeth Mclean back today, we hope you enjoyed your couple of games and it would be lovely to see you more often

Results: Tony Thomson 14 defeated Harley Stewart 13.

  • Bob Murray, John Cole 14 defeated Joan Littlejohn, Bruce Field 11.
  • Barry White, Elizabeth McLean 14 defeated Lorna Field, Alec Todd 11.
  • Lorraine Todd, Libby Smart 14 defeated Colleen Liebich, Kevin Rubie 11.
  • Bill Scott, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated Merv Langfield, Dorothea Croker 13.
  • John Cole 14 defeated John H Browne 10.
  • Harley Stewart, Kevin Rubie 14 defeated Jill Rubie, Barry White 11.
  • Bruce Field, Libby Smart 14 defeated Joan Littlejohn, Bill Scott 10.
  • Tony Thomson, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated John MacCullagh, Alec Todd 11.
  • Bob Murray, Lorraine Todd 14 defeated Kath Broderick, Merv Langfield 12.
  • Dorothea Croker, Elizabeth McLean 14 defeated Colleen Liebich, Lorna Field 11.
  • John H Browne, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated Kath Broderick, Colleen Liebich 9.
  • Libby Smart, Barry White 14 defeated Lorraine Todd, Bob Murray 10.
  • John Cole 14 defeated Harley Stewart 10.
  • Bruce Field, Merv Langfield 14 defeated Lorna Field, Bill Scott 11
  • John MacCullagh, Kevin Rubie 14 defeated Jill Rubie, Alec Todd 11.
  • Joan Littlejohn, Dorothea Croker 14 defeated Tony Thomson 12.

Netball news

The Forbes Netball Association's Autumn night competitions for both mixed and ladies teams will continue with Round 2 this week.

All players must now be registered, including the competition levy of $40 per player per team.

Team representatives are asked to please update their team sheets, which are in the office on Wednesday nights.

Volunteers are needed to operate the game timers and any canteen sales during the night.

Thank you to anyone who can help in this area.

Autumn night competitions for both mixed and ladies teams.

A grading night will be held this Wednesday April 1, for teams that have entered to date. 

Ladies may play in both the mixed and ladies competition on the same night.

The competitions will be played until the June long weekend, with Finals to be played on the Wednesday night after the long weekend.

Competitions will not be played during the school holidays.

Any players looking for teams, or teams looking for players should email secretary Lyn Ford on the above email.

Players must be attending secondary school to open men and ladies.

West/Central West NetEd

NetEd is netball education, and it will be held in Orange on April 1, and is free to all members.

Coaching and umpiring workshops will be held during the day, by representatives from Netball NSW.

Theory and practical sessions will be held for all levels of coaching and umpiring.

9am til 3pm coaching workshops and 10-30am til 4-30pm for umpiring workshops. Contact Coach Convenor Robyn Kenny for more information.

Flyers will be available at the office on Wednesday nights and Saturdays.

Accreditated coaches and National badged umpires will receive updating points.

Updating points have always been a requirement for coaches, but it is also now a requirement for badged umpires.

Draw for Round 2 Wednesday March 22

Ladies competition

  • 6pm crt 4 RBCC Opens versus Go Girls (Marg Spackman/Robyn Kenny).
  • 7pm crt 4 Golfie versus Allsorts (Jack Piercy/Maguires Contracting).
  • 7pm crt 5 17U squad versus Forbes Engineering (Carmen Stephens/Marg Spackman).
  • Bye-Walkers Ag-N-Vet.

Mixed competition

  • 6pm crt 5 Maguires Contracting versus BS Godden Building (17U squad-2 umpires).
  • 8pm crt 4 McClintocks versus Bring It (Jack Piercy/Robyn Kenny). West/Central West Regional League.

The next rounds of West/Central West Regional League will be held on Sunday at Orange.

News on the successful progress of the FNA Open representative team will be in Friday's papers.

Netball primary schools Gala day

The Forbes Netball primary schools Gala day set down for Monday March 20, has been postponed again because of the wet weather.

The Gala day will now be held on Friday March 24.

Volunteers to help at any stage during the day will be needed to give the children an enjoyable experience.

Thank you to the school organisers, who will re-scheduled their teams for the third time, because of the rain on organised days.

Thank you to the volunteers who have committed to help.