Forbes Six golfing news

Winners: Forbes Sixes Comp 2016-17. Jeff Herdigan (sponsor), Brendon Turner, Jon Cutler, Steve Lewis (capt), Vanessa Herdigan (sponsor) Jake Hanley, Karl Biles (absent – Nick Ryan).
Winners: Forbes Sixes Comp 2016-17. Jeff Herdigan (sponsor), Brendon Turner, Jon Cutler, Steve Lewis (capt), Vanessa Herdigan (sponsor) Jake Hanley, Karl Biles (absent – Nick Ryan).

The running of the grand final of the ASI Capital sponsored Forbes Golf Club Summer Sixers comp seemed to be in jeopardy when storms and winds greeted the players on Sunday, April 9. But it cleared sufficiently to allow the contending four teams to play their games.

The four teams were: Boys & Girls, Kool Kats, F Troop and Forbes Toyota. The players from each team were split into pairs and a draw was made to make up the 4-person groups.

A flip of the coin resulted in the back-9 being the site of the contest.

Despite the rain the course played really well.

Some players had trouble with the wind, which made them unsteady when they played their shots, and often blew their hats off.

Some hardy players were more than pleased to walk, while others welcomed the comfort of a cart.

Scoring was somewhat difficult. All the scores were well above those returned during the round robin series, but all the players were determined to give it their best shot.

The Prize Presentation and Dinner was held that evening, upstairs in the Golfie, and was attended by over 100 players and guests.

Ian Bown compered the night, drawing upon the speaking skills of the ASI Capital sponsors’ Vanessa and Jeff Herdigan.

In his welcoming speech Jeff extolled the benefit of this competition to the club and the participants.

Prizes were given to the Weekly Winners for members and non-members, and in a number of other categories including ’Most Team Games Played’, ‘Highest Points by Team’, Most Improved Player, Plate Winners, Pool Runners-up, Pool Winners and others.

The Overall winners were the Forbes Toyota team (comprising: Steve Lewis, Nick Ryan, Jon Cutler, Karl Biles, Brendan Turner and Jake Hanley), with a Grand Final score of 114 points.

Runners-up were Boys & Girls with 118.5. In equal Third were F-Troop and Kool Kats, both with 123 points.

The best Individual score of the Grand Final was recorded by Jake Hanley (Forbes Toyota) with 35.5. It was a very fine effort in those conditions.

In her Presentation speech Vanessa Herdigan was thrilled by the participation of social golfers as well as the hardened member golfers.

She also indicated that the prize money may well be increased for next year, as ASI continued their support for the event.

This year marks the end of the Sixes Committee as it exists.

The comp for 2017-18 Summer will be run by Daniel Newton, with support as is needed by those many volunteers who enjoy this format.

Congratulations to the outgoing Committee, with special thanks to Mary Ewing, Christine Davies and Ted Morgan for their management of the completion, ably assisted by others.

To all players, keep your swing tuned up for next summer’s event.

And make sure you get your name and the names of other friends to participate.