Truck load of sale support

Forbes Livestock has jumped at the chance to be involved in a clearing sale to raise funds for cancer research.
Forbes Livestock has jumped at the chance to be involved in a clearing sale to raise funds for cancer research.

Tractors and trailers are not the standard tools used in cancer research, but this August 26 local farmers will be doing their part to raise funds for cancer research through a massive Combined Clearing Sale for Cancer. 

Caragabal, just 47 minutes from Forbes, will be hosting the event, and because local stock and station agents are generously donating their time and skills, a small percentage of the sale price will go to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Karen Pollock, the fundraising co-ordinator, has been overwhelmed by the generosity being shown already.

“We are so lucky, Forbes Livestock, as well as CJ Anderson and Aston and Joyce from Grenfell have all jumped at the chance to be involved, so the major cost of the sale is taken care of… allowing us to take a small percentage for cancer research,” Ms Pollock said. 

The event will be run entirely by hard working volunteers, and is shaping up to be an enormous day with early indications pointing to an impressive line-up of machinery.

“I’m not really surprised that so many farmers are keen to jump on board… it’s a no-risk and low-expense way to sell machinery, and we all have something sitting in the shed that would be better off in the bank account,” Ms Pollock said.

When asked what prompted the fundraising effort, Ms Pollock is a bit sheepish.

“I’d love to say that I’m a noble and altruistic person, but I went through treatment for aggressive triple negative breast cancer last year, and to be honest, I’d rather poke a stick in my eye than go through that again.

“We have some of the most brilliant minds in the world working on cancer treatments, and nothing happens without money. 

“We want that research happening here in Australia so that we get the benefits from the trials and the treatments first,” she said.

The anticipated large size of the sale has prompted the organising committee to get technology onside.

“We’ll be using a silent auction app to allow people to view the majority of the items online in the lead up to the sale, and punters may even be able to bid on smaller items in the lead up to the sale. 

“The platform that we have chosen is very flexible, allowing pre-bids, setting maximum bids and transitioning to the live event, so that we can adjust the set-up for the smoothest running of the day,” Ms Pollock said.

As is the country way, the clearing sale will also be a social occasion.

Any businesses that would like to be involved either as a sponsor or by donating goods to auction are very welcome.

All enquiries to Karen at, on 0400809166 or on the event Facebook page; @combinedclearingsale.