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The biggest Morning Tea is being held at croquet today Tuesday, May 16 Come on down, enjoy a cuppa and some delicious morning tea nibbles to help us to help with Cancer research

We also have one of our special members Lorna Field celebrating her Birthday today. Happy Birthday Lorna, it has been lovely for your brother to come to croquet and enjoy a chat with members. Safe trip back to Perth Ron

Golf Croquet May 9: Today we welcomed Jenny, it was lovely to see you again Jenny from Toowoomba. Jenny was down visiting family, and when she does, we get to enjoy her company; Jenny plays a mean game of croquet to, and is considering joining in the Toowoomba club

Bruce Field Caryl Slattery 10 defeated Elvy Quirk 3. Kevin Rubie, Merv Langfield 8 defeated Marj Styles, Jill Rubie 5. John H Browne, Libby Smart 9 defeated Dorelle Scott, Ken Styles 4. Jenny Young, Kath Broderick 7 defeated Nev Morrison, Harley Stewart 6. Bill Scott 9 defeated Robin Pols 4. Dorothea Croker, Veva MacCullagh 9 defeated Alec Todd, Lorna Field 4. Evelyn Mahlo, John MacCullagh 7 defeated Mary Hodges, Lorraine Todd 6. Ken and Marj Styles 7 defeated Bruce Field, Evelyn Mahlo 6. Bill and Dorelle Scott 7 defeated John MacCullagh, Dorothea Croker 6 Mary Hodges, Veva MacCullagh 8 defeated Nev Morrison, Jenny Young 5. Harley Stewart, Jill Rubie 8 defeated Merv Langfield, Robin Pols 5. Lorna Field, John H Browne 9 defeated Elvy Quirk, Alec Todd 4. Libby Smart 7 defeated Caryl Slattery 6. Kevin Rubie, Kath Broderick 8 defeated Lorraine Todd 5. Marj Styles, Lorraine Todd 7 defeated Mary Hodges, Elvy Quirk 6. Bill Scott. Veva MacCullagh 9 defeated Jenny Young, Harley Stewart 4. Libby Smart, Bruce Field 8 defeated Dorelle Scott, Robin Pols 5. John H Browne 7 defeated Alec Todd, Kath Broderick 6. Nev Morrison, Caryl Slattery 7 defeated Ken Styles, Jill Rubie 6. Evelyn Mahlo 9 defeated John MacCullagh 4. Merv Langfield, Lorna Field 8 defeated Kevin Rubie, Dorothea Croker 5.

Aussie Croquet May 13

Another visitor today this time it was Dorothea’s son John from Wollongong, John also comes to play when he is in town to visit and help his mum. John also plays a mean game of croquet. It was great to catch up with our visitors this week

Results: Alec Todd, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated John Cole, Kath Broderick 11. Jill Rubie, Bruce Field 14 defeated Merv Langfield, Dorothea Croker 10. Bob Murray, Lorna Field 14 defeated Joan Littlejohn, John MacCullagh 12. Bill Scott, Tony Thomson 14 defeated Dorelle Scott Libby Smart 12. Lorraine Todd, Cherylin Cole 14 defeated Ilma Davis, Jody Ellis 10. Barry White, Robin Pols 14 defeated Ros Rennick, John H Browne 10. Kevin Rubie 14 defeated John Rogers 12. Bruce Field, Dorothea Croker 14 defeated Ros Rennick, Veva MacCullagh 10. Libby Smart, Judy Ellis 14 defeated Ilma Davis, John MacCullagh 10. Bill Scott, John Rogers 14 defeated Jill Rubie, Joan Littlejohn 11. Robin Pols, Tony Thomson 14 defeated Lorraine Todd, Merv Langfield 12. Lorna Field, Alec Todd 13 defeated Dorelle Scott, Kevin Rubie 11. John Cole, Barry White 14 defeated Kath Broderick, Bob Murray 12. John H Browne 14 defeated Cherylin Cole 11. John Cole, Joan Littlejohn 14 defeated Lorraine Todd, Veva MacCullagh 9. Bruce Field, Jill Rubie 14 defeated Dorothea Croker, Ilma Davis 11. Libby Smart 14 defeated Merv Langfield 10. Tony Thomson, Bob Murray 14 defeated Alec Todd, Barry White 10.

Ladies Bowling

There were not a lot of ladies in attendance last week but those who were there had a lovely time. Our new learners seem to be taking to the game just fine. A few of our ladies were at Parkes for the CWD Pairs and congratulations go to the local team of Annette Tisdell and Leisa Burton who were victorious on the day, beating one of the Parkes teams.

Members are reminded that tomorrow we are having our Mother’s Day Mixed Bowls and Breast Cancer Charity day. Please get your names in and encourage your menfolk (or someone elses) to also come along for a great day. Names in by 9.30am and play to start at 10am. If everyone could please bring a plate that would be most helpful.

All Committee members are reminded that there will also be a meeting after the festivities tomorrow. The winners of the social bowls last week were Pam Stevens and Anne Nixon while the winner of the in house competition was Margaret O’Connell.  Well done ladies.


On Monday, May 8 we played a five table Howell movement. Unfortunately due to a slight issue with the computer there were no scores for the day.

 On Thursday, May 11 we played a four table Howell movement. The winners were Di Findley and Helen Pitt on 61.90 per cent with Goldie Ridley and Colleen Venables in second place on 60.10 per cent and in third place on 54.20 per cent were Beth and John Biggs. Bridge lessons commenced last week with seven new players. It is still not too late to learn to play this fascinating game. If you are interested please contact Elizabeth Jelbart on 6852 3347 or Judy Kerr on 6852 1385.

Indoor bowls

What a very interesting afternoon of bowls Betty Rees played very good bowls it did not matter what Betty did the bowl wicked of this one or that one and rested on the jack.

Gloria come late then John and Barbara went early then Sophie come after school and played and does she played well. Winners for the day Vera Barbara and Sandy two wins one draw 28 points.

Runners up Betty Rees. and Wilma Hepburn two wins one lose 30 points. Chocolate went to Joyce Sue Smith and Gloria. In house raffle crochet knee rug and donated by Pat McGrath. Thank you Pat, it was won by Joan Littlejohn second Betty Rees and third Barbara Hoswell. Every one is well to come along on Wednesday afternoon names in 1.15 for 1.30 start

Many happy returns: Birthday girl Lorna Field whose birthday is on Tuesday May 16, may you have a lovely day.

Many happy returns: Birthday girl Lorna Field whose birthday is on Tuesday May 16, may you have a lovely day.


Junior draw 

  • 5pm Loomzy's Fish 'n' Fix versus Westpac 
  • 5.30pm Lachlan Commodities versus McGroders

Senior Draw May 17

  • 6.10pm Hackers versus Lachlan Commodities ref Beauties and the Beasts
  • 7.10pm Howies versus Beauties and the Beasts ref Hackers
  • Bye Toyota

Netball News

The Autumn night competitions for both mixed and ladies teams will again play in two time slots this Wednesday night, with Mixed and 6.30pm and Ladies at 7.30pm. Next week the times for the competitions will be reversed.

The monthly meeting of the FNA will be held this Thursday at 7.30pm at the Forbes Services Memorial Club at 7.30pm. All teams received two competition bonus points for attending. The Finals and Presentation of the Autumn night competitions will be organised at the meeting. Agenda items for the meeting must be sent to email by today (Tuesday).

Draw May 17

Ladies competition: 7-30pm crt 4 RBCC Opens versus 17 Reps (Rell White/Jack Piercy). 7-30pm crt 5 Golfie versus Forbes Engineering (Carmen Stephens/McClintocks). 7-30pm crt 6 Walkers Ag-N-Vet versus Postie (Janssen Mores/Robyn Kenny). bye-Go Girls.

Mixed competition: 6-30pm crt 4 McClintocks versus Maguires Contracting (Janssen Mores/Robyn Kenny). 6-30pm crt 5 Bring It versus BS Godden Builders (Postie-2 umpires).