Talking water bills

Forbes Shire Council says an apparent jump in the cost of recently released water bills is due to a slightly longer billing period and high summer water use.

If you’re comparing your bill to last summer, there’s also been an 11 cent per kilolitre increase in the price of water in Forbes.

Council said in a statement released this week that the latest water bills cover 108 days – from November to mid-March - rather than 88.

They also cover the highest water use period of the year.

“Council water accounts are always calculated on actual readings, which is why the amount of days in each period can change as it depends on when our contractor can read the meters,” General Manager Danny Green said in response to concerns about the accounts on social media.

“The previous account was issued for an 88 day period, whereas the latest was for 108 days which will obviously be a reason for the increase.

“Garden watering and rainfall aside, household usage increases significantly in the summer months.”

The price of Forbes’ water went up 11 cents per kilolitre to $1.14 at the start of the 2016-2017 financial year. This is on top of an annual access charge of $215.

Here’s how we compare to surrounding towns:

Parkes residents pay a $180 access charge per annum, $1.85 per kilolitre for the first 400kL and $3.25 over that.

Cowra residents pay a $198 access charge and $3.05 per kilolitre.

Orange residents pay $259.12, $2.27 for the first 450kL and $3.40 over that.

Cabonne and Weddin residents pay $200 access and $2.55 per kilolitre.