Tax debt scammers back in area

A 79-year-old Parkes woman is the latest victim of a brazen attempt to con money over the phone.

She received a call at 9.30am on Wednesday from a man claiming to be a member of the criminal investigation section of the Australian Taxation Office. 

He told the women she owed a large sum of money, and if the debt was not settled immediately she would be arrested. 

The man convinced her to go to Woolworths and purchase a number of gift cards worth several thousand dollars.

A Woolworths staff member became suspicious of the transaction and after questioning the woman, realised she was being scammed and advised her to go straight to the police station.

Fortunately she did not purchase the gift cards and reported the incident to police.

Sergeant Adrian Matthews said this tax scam is quite common. 

“The Australian Taxation Office will not demand money over the phone,” he said.

“Correspondence will always come in the form of a letter initially, which will offer some sort of payment plan and the right of appeal.

“If you receive one of these phone calls, please speak to a family member or a friend before you agree to anything and always report it to the police.”