Father Schmalkuche prepares for the fourth annual Walk 4 Christ

Father Brian Schmalkuche will embark on his fourth annual Walk 4 Christ journey on Tuesday, May 30.
Father Brian Schmalkuche will embark on his fourth annual Walk 4 Christ journey on Tuesday, May 30.

Father Brian Schmalkuche, Anglican Priest in charge of Diocese of Bathurst’s Parish of Trundle is making preparations to take a walk on the wild side. 

His fourth annual Walk 4 Christ will commence at St Luke’s Anglican Church, Bogan Gate, on Tuesday, May 30, at 9am.

Brian expects to walk the 131km from Bogan Gate, via Fifield, to Albert by about 5pm on Friday evening, June 2.

Brian said he is constantly asked why he does this walk across his Parish. 

“There are many reasons,” he said. “The first and most important is about the current financial position of our Western Parishes.

“The walk is to prove that even if I cannot afford the petrol to make it to the outer centres I can still turn up, albeit it on foot, to bring God’s people in those villages the Word and Sacrament.”

Brian said his belief is that God specifically called him to the Trundle Parish encompassing Bogan Gate, Trundle, Fifield, Tullamore and Albert to take the Word and Sacrament to his people.

“Secondly, the Parish Vision Statement says our vision is to reconnect with all Anglican families in the Parish by visitation, pastoral letters and regular mail-outs,” he said.

“This is just another way of being in the communities vision. 

Brian encourages Christians to walk with him for a distance or a time so that he can pray for them, their families and their businesses. 

He also endeavours to pray for the families and their properties as he walks by and also hopes he will have the time to pop notes of encouragement in to mailboxes as he passes.

“Thirdly, I feel it is extremely important to be visible to everyone living in the Parish as a committed Christian who is prepared to stand up for his faith and demonstrate its importance to him in action as well as word,” Brian said.

“The Parish Mission Statement says our mission is to be communities guided by Christ’s teaching through the Holy Scriptures while encouraging internal and external fellowship and growth.

“That’s just another reason to Walk 4 Christ.

“This walk is not about me, it’s about drawing attention to the christian work being accomplished week after week by people within these small, vibrant communities.”

To sponsor Father Brian or contribute financially to the Trundle Anglican Parish ministry, send donations to Trundle Anglican Church, PO Box 51, Trundle, NSW, 2875.