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Shane Sallaway trumps monthly medal scores.

Good Form: Shane Sallaway finished his game in style. The myth has it that a par on the first hole leads to a bad round, but Shane scored a birdie on the first, then topped that off with an eagle on the 18th.

Good Form: Shane Sallaway finished his game in style. The myth has it that a par on the first hole leads to a bad round, but Shane scored a birdie on the first, then topped that off with an eagle on the 18th.

The weekend saw sunny weather but no real heat in either the daily temperatures or the scores. However, Shane Sallaway eclipsed them all with one of golf’s greatest gifts.

Saturday was the Monthly Medal 18-Hole Stroke sponsored by Walkers AGnVET. The fairways were tight and the pins well placed, which meant the 69 players were fodder to the guiles of the course. Thus no-one really tore things apart and scores were quite tame.

But Shane Sallaway finished his game in style. The myth has it that a par on the first hole leads to a bad round, but Shane scored a birdie on the first, then topped that off with an eagle on the 18th, which equates to a hole in one. More on that item later.

The A grade was won by Richard Nixon who toiled towards the end of the field in some pretty uncomfortable conditions. He managed only one birdie, on the 15th, but was steady elsewhere to return a nett 72. Close behind was a group of three players, from whom Barry Shine emerged on count back to be runner-up on 73 nett.

The B grade was also quite close. Malcolm Langfield got off to a good start and kept his cool to finish with nett 72. A little ways back were two players, with Adam Borger getting the nod on count back with Nett 74. Adam was consistent on both 9’s, and snuck ahead of Mike Spice.

In the C grade we had a similar story. The winner was Denis Culley who burst out of the blocks on the front nine but struggled coming home and managed a 73 nett. Luckily for him the other players had some worst situation, with Don Ridley being the best of the rest with his nett 75 to finish runner-up.

The ball sweep went to 77 nett on count back, going to: 72 – M Langfield, R Nixon; 73 – B Shine, P Dawson, D Culley, D McAuliffe;  74 – P Cowhan, S Sallaway, A Borger, M Spice; 75 – P Grayson, P Pymont, D Ridley, G Coles; 76 – R Sanderson, B Carpenter, R Smith, P Kay, J Ridley, D Churchill; 77 – S Hayes.

The NTP’s went to: Ninth – P Tilden; 18th – S Sallaway. Peter got his ‘2’ with a consummate putt to cap off the elegantly played tee shot that drew superbly onto the pin. His group called the shot statuesque. There were six two’s overall, with the third being the easiest target.

But nothing can eclipse the shot by Shane Sallaway. He struck it cleanly and watched as it flew straight ‘on the pin’ all the way. It landed a few feet short then rolled calmly up and into the hole. The yells of joy were heard in the clubhouse.

This is Shane’s second hole in one with the other beings cored on the third hole a few years back. He has now set his sights on the ninth and first.

The real visitors were Stuart Hayes from Murrumbidgee CC in Canberra and Peter Tilden (Cromer), but he just scrapes in there. Golf seems to produce more hard-luck stories than exciting moments. And so does this column, so let us get into some.

While Peter Tilden handled the ninth with consummate ease, others were not so fortunate. A score of five is not uncommon, and six, seven, or eight also occur.

But double-figures, such as Dave Rhodes ten is something for which a moments silence is needed. Although he tried valiantly, he did not get anywhere near contending for the Monthly Medal after that.

Phil Maher had one of those days, a good front nine and a much worse back nine. Phil was at least ten handicap strokes worse off after the turn. Brian Doyle was pleased to have runner-up, but not pleased to realise it was at the wrong end of the grade.

He was pipped by Brian Everest who had more putts than actual strokes on the course. Putting was a real problem for some. Craig Barrett putted with authority from the back of the 11th, then watched as his ball rolled all the way down and off the front.

But bad putting can bring both heartbreak and joy. Andrew Dukes arrived at the first green after three shots (and no OB). He then proceeded to stalk the cup from side to side as his putts narrowly missed and rolled on past. His finals core of eight was heartbreaking. But he did bring joy to those watching from the first tee, who were beside themselves as he walked back and forth.

Ecky Dawson also fell fowl of some errant shots. He carded a seven on the tenth after his tee shot struck the big gum across the creek. The ball disappeared entirely, so he was forced to play another.

But it nullified his ‘awesome’ eagle on the sixth. A three wood drawn around the corner, followed by mid-iron to the green, and finished with a firm four foot putt ensured a three, as against the par five, was carded. Birdies on the second and fifth helped him to a very good front nine. But the back nine brought him to his knees.

Talent lies in all of us. Craig Barrett is just as talented as Bobby Borger, as they both finished on the same score. But Bobby is not one to look for excuses, brushing aside any notion that his sore leg hampered him, or his bruised thumb affected his grip, or his……

And then there are the non-descript. Ian Bown had one of those days where there was nothing outstanding, and thought there would be no mention in the paper of his game. Well, guess what.

Things happen off the course also. Rod Besgrove was getting his bag prepared in the Golfie store room. Unfortunately the door slammed shut and he was locked in. Eventually, after calling through the door slats for help, Ray Taylor heard him and was able to release him. Rod is now nervous if he hears a door slam.

The Stableford Medley on Sunday had a good following once again. It was a pleasant enough day, with enjoyment being shared by all. And once again it was the regulars who took the honours.

Bruce Carpenter won the day with 37 points, slipping away from Ray Taylor with 35 points. The ball sweep went to 33, being awarded to Jill Cripps. The NTP’s went to: Ninth- J Cripps; 18th – E Coombes. The ‘Winter 3’s’ competition continues with good scores being returned by many. Refer to the separate report for details.

Here is the News: The Wallace Cup has been slow to start, but a few games have managed to be played. Andy Dukes and Fred Collie battled well with both mentally exhausted.

Membership Fees are due and must be paid for players to be eligible to win any of the closely scheduled Championship events. 

It is crystal ball time: Saturday, July 15 and Sunday, July 16 is the Men’s Foursome Championships, sponsored by S & S Welsh Transport. Make sure you have chosen a good partner who can last the distance, and if necessary carry you all the way. There will be a Stableford Medley on Sunday 16, with tee time preference to be given to the Foursomes Championships.

- by Short Putt

Ladies Golf

On Saturday, July 8 in frosty conditions an 18 Hole Stableford was played in Two Divisions and Sponsored by Shirley Redfern. The winners  Division One Jenny Fletcher 32 on a Countback and Division Two Barb Drabsch 37, both winning a ball in the sweep. Nearest the Pin 9th Colleen Venables, 18th Barb Drabsch.

On Wednesday, July 12 Meg Schoefield and Jean Judge sponsored an 18 Hole Stableford in Two Divisions with the winner in Division One being Colleen Bratton 32 and first time winner in Division Two Alison Baker 34. Sweep went to Alison, Colleen, Verna and Julie Hurkett. Well done.

Only one player found the green and that was Heather Davidson on 18th. This Saturday is our 27 Hole Foursomes Championships with Robyn Hammond on cards. Next Wednesday, July 19 is Par and 5th round golf NSW Medal with Denise Squires on cards.

- by Roving Reporters