Prostate group to meet Tuesday

Treatment for prostate cancer in Australia is heading for a radical revision according to a leader in the field, Professor Tony Costello.

An article from Mr Costello, which talks about that possibility, will be read at the Forbes Prostate Cancer Support Group meeting on Tuesday night at the Forbes Sports and Recreation Club.

President of the FPCSG Dennis Booth said he would also present news on nutrition guidelines suggested for people with prostate cancer and an interesting article which discusses cannabis and cannabinoids as pallative drugs.

The Forbes group, which now has around 20 plus members, decided last meeting in May to go to meetings every two months instead of monthly but keep the same starting time of 6.30pm and have the meetings run no longer than an hour.

Mr Booth said FPCSG had also been made a member of the Union for International Cancer Control which resources that may be helpful to the Forbes group.

Mr Booth also reminded members and those wishing to come along to a meeting that wives or partners are welcomed and in fact Forbes now has four women members who attend with their husbands or partners.