Garden club sent indoors

A good number of members attended the June meeting of the Forbes Garden Club which was held at the CWA Club as it was too cold for a garden meeting, it was snug and warm there so a good decision to move the meeting.

Garden visits.

Garden visits.

A minutes silence was held for our members who had passed away recently Jean McIntosh and Claire Shanahan, we will miss both those ladies in our club.

Some of our members have not been well of late and we wish them a speedy recovery.

Our bus trips to Canowindra and West Wyalong were very successful and enjoyed by all who visited those towns.

Several towns were suggested for future visits including Cowra, Grenfell, Millthorpe and Blayney, hopefully in the warmer weather, and we go to Condobolin in April next year.

Rydall is our next town to visit and we need 35 names by next meeting as well as the money, which is $70.

We will need to leave at 7am and the date is the 17th September, so come on and get your name down for a great day at Rydall.

When we are on our day trips it is essential that our badges are worn and if you need a badge please contact Tuppy either at home or at our next meeting.

Our next meeting is at the Northside Chapel and 1.30 is the time for the meeting to start, and the date July 26th where Shelly Nutley will be our guest speaker and her topic is about growing olives at Bogan Gate, can’t wait.

The olive tree is the oldest cultivated tree in existence and can live for thousands of years.

It can survive poor soils, with little water, and its hard, thin leaves are adapted to prevent water loss, so it's an extremely hardy and forgiving tree.

Olives flourish where there is good drainage and cool winters, with hot dry summers without humidity. That's most of Southern Australia.

Like any fruit bearing tree, you need to prune on a yearly basis.

The ideal time is after harvesting, which can start from April/ May, to September.

We ask that, if you can, bring a small plate for afternoon tea, and don’t forget the trading table as your input into this helps Lily have a good display.

Talking of plants we will need stock for the open gardens on September 30th, and Tuppy has bought some rainbow flags to identify the gardens to visit on that day.

At the Forbes show, arrangement of flowers, is to be of your own choice, as you would at home.

Just a reminder to bring your mug to the meeting which starts at 1.30pm at the Northside Chapel and just a small plate for afternoon tea as we have a guest speaker.

Well that’s it for now.

Till next time, good gardening.