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Misty Morning: As the picture shows, our members are very dedicated to paying our favoured sport. The pea souper fog took hours to lift.

Misty Morning: As the picture shows, our members are very dedicated to paying our favoured sport. The pea souper fog took hours to lift.


Birthday boy this month was Jeff Liebich, who got to cut the cake himself as the other birthday members were unable to attend.

Birthday boy this month was Jeff Liebich, who got to cut the cake himself as the other birthday members were unable to attend.

Today we celebrated our Birthday luncheon for the month with a lovely gathering of members and their partners at the Forbes Sport and Rec Club. The boys prepared some delicious meals for everyone.

Results Tuesday, August 1: Ken Styles, Alec Todd 8 defeated Libby Smart, Mary Hodges 5. Harley Stewart, Caryl Slattery 7 defeated Colleen Liebich, Barry White 6. Merv Langfield, Jeff Liebich 8 defeated Dorothea Croker, Kath Broderick 5. Joan Littlejohn, Veva MacCullagh 7 defeated Elvy Quirk, Bob Murray 6. Robin Pols, Lorraine Todd 9 defeated John Cole, Dorelle Scott 4. Bruce Field, John H Browne 9 defeated Lorna Field, John MacCullagh 4. Marj Styles, John Brown 8 defeated Lyn Simmonds, Evelyn Mahlo 5. Bill Scott 8 defeated Glenys Ryan 5. Alec Todd, Bill Scott 8 defeated Dorelle Scott, Colleen Liebich 5. Evelyn Mahlo, Dorothea Croker 7 defeated Elvy Quirk, Jeff Liebich 6. Bruce Field, Robin Pols 7 defeated John Cole, Ken Styles 6. Libby Smart, Bob Murray 12 defeated Caryl Slattery, Veva MacCullagh 1. Harley Stewart, Joan Littlejohn 9 defeated Mary Hodges, John MacCullagh 4. Glenys Ryan, John H Browne 7 defeated Lorna Field, Marj Styles 6. Barry White 7 defeated Kath Broderick 6. John H Browne, Merv Langfield 8 defeated Lorraine Todd, Lyn Simmonds 5. Colleen Liebich, Bruce Field 7 defeated Joan Littlejohn, Glenys Ryan 6. Lyn Simmonds, Barry White 7 defeated Ken Styles, Barry White 6. Marj Styles, Elvy Quirk 8 defeated Dorelle Scott, Merv Langfield 5. Evelyn Mahlo, Veva MacCullagh 7 defeated Libby Smart, Lorraine Todd 6. John Cole, Alec Todd 9 defeated Harley Stewart John Brown 4. Robin Pols, Mary Hodges 10 defeated Jeff Liebich, Caryl Slattery 3. Bob Murray, Dorothea Croker 9 defeated Lorna Field Kath Broderick 4.

Aussie Saturday, August 5: It was a very pleasant surprise to have Doreen Rogers back with us after a lengthy recuperation period following surgery. Lovely to also welcome Joh and Cherylin’s friend Maureen.

Kevin Rubie, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated Barry White, Lyn Simmonds 9. Harley Stewart, Dorothea Croker 14 defeated Anne Stewart, Alec Todd 9. Doreen Rogers, Merv Langfield 14 defeated Joan Littlejohn, Kath Broderick 12. Robin Pols, Libby Smart 14 defeated John MacCullagh, Jeff Liebich 13. Jill Rubie, Bill Scott 14 defeated Dorelle Scott, Lorraine Todd 10. John and Cherylin Cole 14 defeated Colleen Liebich, Bob Murray 10. Merv Langfield, Dorothea Croker 14 defeated Cherylin Cole, Lyn Simmonds 6. Bob Murray, Colleen Liebich 14 defeated Barry White, Kath Broderick 9. Libby Smart, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated Bill Scott, Lorraine Todd 11. Alec Todd, Jeff Liebich 14 defeated Doreen Rogers, Nev Morrison 12. Harley Stewart 14 defeated Jill Rubie 12. Joan Littlejohn, Robin Pols 14 defeated Dorelle Scot, Anne Stewart 11. John Cole, Maureen Boa 14 defeated Kevin Rubie, John MacCullagh. Libby Smart, Veva MacCullagh 14 defeated Joan Littlejohn, Jeff Liebich 10. Jill Rubie, Cherylin Cole 14 defeated Merv Langfield, Dorothea Croker 12. Bob Murray, Joh n MacCullagh 14 defeated Dorelle Scott, Kath Broderick 11. Lyn Simmonds, Robin Pols 14 defeated Lorraine Todd, Nev Morrison 10. Bill Scott, Barry White 14 defeated Harley Stewart, Alec Todd 11. Colleen Liebich, Kevin Rubie 14 defeated Joh Cole, Maureen Boa.

Veteran’s Golf

Much needed rain on Thursday caused the 12 hole Veteran's golf in Parkes to be called off last week. Golf on Thursday will be here in Forbes with nominations from 12.30pm for a 1pm tee off. All welcome. It was slightly different last week for Cheating Tuesday where one the heaviest fogs of the year had all players driving off the first tee to see their ball travel out of sight. Still 16 enjoyed the outing while slightly on the chilly side. Winner of the 12 hole competition was Frank Donohue with 28 points on a count-back from Barry Shine. Next best were Peter Schofield and Milton Cartwright on 26 points. For information on vets and other golf call Pro Shop on 6851 1554.                 

Ladies Bowls

We had a very small group of ladies playing social bowls last week due to a funeral being held at the same time of a well known local identity. Two games of triples were enjoyed and the team of Annette Tisdell Glenys Ryan and Alice Allen were the lucky rink winners for the day. Tomorrow will be the start of the Club Major Fours Competition with Lesley Dunstan Jill Taylor Hazell Prince and Glenys Ryan versus Carmel Murray Noela Girot Lyn Simmonds and Mary Everson  and Alison Cutcliffe Pat Hodson Pam Stevens and Anne Walker versus Ann Mackay Kay Toohey Annette Tisdell and Jan Waugh. We have some of our players being hospitalised recently and hope they will all be back out on the green again playing bowls with a new lease of life! On August 16 the Cannon Merritt competition will be played at Forbes against Condobolin. Names are on the board, let selectors know if you are unable to play. This will also apply to the teams going to Condobolin on August 17 to play in the Jones Trophy Good. Selectors for August are Kay Toohey and Pam Stevens and the Morning Tea Hostesses are Lyn Simmonds and Margaret O’Connell. To play Social bowls just ring between 9am and 9.30 for a game. Looking forward to seeing you


On Monday, July 31 we played a seven table Mitchell movement. The North South winners were Louise Payne and Helen McQuie on 60.70 per cent, with Helen Hurley and Judy Kerr in second place on 56.10 per cent. The East West winners were Alpana Mahagaonkar and John Biggs on 71.30 per cent with Deanna and Geoff Williams in second place on 53.80 per cent. On Thursday, August 3 we played a fiv table Howell movement.  The winners were Louise Payne and Alpana Mahagaonkar on 69.40 per cent with Enid and Alan Baker in second place on 61.10 per cent and in third place on 56.00 per cent were Goldie. Ridley and Colleen Venables.


Junior draw: 5pm  Lachlan Commodities versus Westpac.  5.30pm McGroders versus  Loomzy's Fish 'n' Fix.

Senior draw:  6.10pm Hackers versus Lachlan Commodities, (ref Beauties and the Beasts). 7.10pm Beauties and the Beasts versus Howies, (ref Hackers). Bye Toyota