Busy week on bowling greens

Glen Kearney lining up his shot at last year’s Ben Hall Pairs while Graham West looks on.
Glen Kearney lining up his shot at last year’s Ben Hall Pairs while Graham West looks on.

Wednesday at One: Bowls last Wednesday was a smaller affair as many players were paying their last respects to a good mate in Des Smith RIP.  

In a triples match Denis Byrnes, Kerry Dunstan and Barry White had a narrow win over Fred Vogelsang, Jim Maloy and Greg Ward.

Then in the pairs Don Hodson and Barry Shine returned with a 24:8 victory over Col Breaden and Scott McKellar. Well done gents.

The Wednesday before when we welcomed another new bowler Fons Melissi. Tony Bratton and Cliff Nelson scored a 17:14 win from Fons Melisssi and Alf Davies.

Bill O’Connell and Rad Stevens returned with a 17:10 winning card from Bill Looney and Denis Byrnes. Fred Vogelsang and Scott McKellar were happy with a 21:10 result against Jim Maloy and Ray Dunstan.

In a friendly game of triples Peter Mackay, John Gorton and Ray Sanderson returned just 12:10 in front of Rob Priest, Sid Morris and Kerry Dunstan.

I’d like to see the new bowlers switch over to some new bowls as it is a more accurate game.

Sunday morning bowls by Ron Goodger: What a great rollup with over 70 players. Our numbers were helped by an infusion of players from Bankstown. 

The winners were Connie Skinner and Bob McGinty, runners up went to J Hargraves, Tony Phipps and Alan Smith.

Despite the breeze there was a massive number of resting touchers so the organisers declared that none would be awarded.

John Lasker, Ralph Waugh and “Action” Jackson def Brian Joliffe, B Spinks and T Buchanan by a country mile. 

Loris Stewart and Scott McKellar defeated J Dunn and B Dunn. D Sipple, Barry Ambrose and Geoff Williams defeated K Davis, F Mulligan and Allan Hilder.

Bob McGinty and Connie Skinner def Paul Baker and Ron Dunstan. Pat Hodson and Danny Cassidy def John Cutler and P Brogan.

M Crutching and Russell Hodge defeated Don Hodson and Kerry Smith. Pam Stevens, Rod Howarth and John Ashcroft defeated Les Dunstan, Allan Affleck and Peter Mackay. John Baass, Peter Tisdell and P Hargrave defeated Clive Herbert, Dan Tisdell and John Bentick.

Garry Dean, Kerry Rankin and Grant Druitt defeated D Durrant, J Cursie and T Archer. J Levinge, A Hannaton and Col Breaden defeated J Hargraves, Troy Phipps and A Smith. M Travett and Cliff Nelson defeated Ken Mathers and Alan Phillips.

From the committee: The match committee met on Tuesday 1st. The main topic being the Ben Hall Pairs which is well in hand. Local players are asked to nominate their team now.

Nominations are also called for full members in the A and B pairs. It will be played on weekends a draw will be done shortly and the first round to be played before September 23rd.

For the mufti players who have not won a major event we are reintroducing the Ferguson shield. It is a singles event to be played any day except Monday or Tuesday.

The draw will be knockout with a back consolation draw if you lose your first match.