Clock rings out, Post Office works nearly done

The town clock is chiming on the hour once again with the installation of a new clock.

An Australia Post spokesperson said it had not been possible to get parts for the old clock controller, which was sourced from Belgium.

A new controller, which has its time set via GPS remote control and can be remotely reset, has been installed.

The clock tower has also received a facelift, with a new copper roof shining atop the heritage building.

Work to repaint and upgrade the post office has been ongoing since February and now appears to be in final stages.

An alternative entry was open on Friday while the main entry was closed.

The Advocate understands that there will be a fully compliant ramp and handrails once the new access is opened.

An Australia Post spokesperson said the final stage of painting would be completed once the colonnade tiling was finished.

“The picket fences will be a manila colour, with the posts volcanic dark red,” the spokesperson said.

The Post Office was built between 1879 and 1881 and the works approved by both Heritage NSW and Forbes Shire Council.