MATTERS OF STATE: Sparking a campaign to reopen Essential Energy depots

NOT HAPPY: member for Orange Phil Donato has encouraged his constituents to write to the Minister for Energy and Utilities about the Peak Hill and Trundle closures.
NOT HAPPY: member for Orange Phil Donato has encouraged his constituents to write to the Minister for Energy and Utilities about the Peak Hill and Trundle closures.

Last week, Essential Energy announced that both the Trundle and Peak Hill depot doors will shut on September 4.

In 2015-16 more than 1400 regional jobs were culled from Essential Energy across NSW, this includes a significant number from the Orange electorate. It simply is not good enough.

This closure will grossly impact the communities of Trundle and Peak Hill. Those depots provide maintenance crucial to the daily power for regional NSW, which the Government claims to be supporting, when in fact they are allowing regional NSW to wither.

Instead of providing improved services commensurate with increasing energy costs, they are increasing their profit margins while families struggle.

Jobs losses and staff relocation are a reality here; sometimes a single family in these rural towns can make the difference of retaining a school teacher, or even keeping the doors of a school open.

It means the difference for small businesses who count every dollar to remain afloat.

I refuse to neglect any community in the Orange electorate who are victims of the Nationals and Liberal party policies.

Energy is essential, and I have called upon the NSW Minister for Energy and Utilities, the Honourable Don Harwin, to intervene and reinstate the necessary resources and capabilities that the Trundle and Peak Hill communities rely upon.

I would encourage your support by writing to the minister, voicing your concerns.


TALKING about death is never an easy discussion. With that said, we are all going to face it at some point.

Palliative care is a topic I believe is of significant importance. Therefore, I encourage all who are interested in learning more about it to come and spend an evening with Dr Louis Christie, Palliative Care Service doctor.

The evening will allow you to learn about the frequently asked questions, general information about common incurable illnesses and to ask the difficult questions.

The evening will take place on Thursday from 7:30pm to 9pm at the Holy Trinity Anglican Parish.

The $20 cost will include light refreshments. For more information or to purchase tickets call 6362 1623.


IT was great to get out to Forbes and spend some time touring the unique Forbes High School Wellness Hub facility.

The Wellness Hub is a bilateral partnership between Forbes High School and local services that aim to support the well-being of students and families.

It utilises existing internal and external resources from the school and community, which in return ensure all students are supported holistically throughout their time at Forbes High School.

The initiative provides 16 services and professional support programs delivered by eight community service providers.

An initiative as successful as this are practical examples of providing a holistic, positive community safe environment which foster a strong sense of community.

Continue the fantastic work, Forbes High School, and all those associated in this initiative.

Phil Donato is the member for Orange