News from Sunshine Corner

Greetings fellow Sunshiners. Spring is almost here, the first spring flowers are popping up and coming out. I like spring because it means the start of a season of all the new growth coming out to say hello.

Our first birthday for this week is today when Cathy’s Mum, Dillijaf Tom and Messie Moo will be partying with family and friends. On August 31st we have Foxie’s Mate and Kyeema Kid’s Stephen turning another year older. Condo Pal’s Mate and Ben 10 will be blowing out another candle on their cakes on 1st September. September Daughter celebrates another birthday on 2nd September. Happy birthday everyone, have a good day.

Our thanks go to everyone who has donated goods towards the running of the Op-Shop. We would also like to thank the Lion’s Club for their generous donations to the Sunshine Club. Thank you very much. We would also like to thank those that help by manning the Op-Shop, helping at our bingo nights and donating goods towards our prizes and raffles. We really appreciate your help.

At present Loretta Girl is in Parkes while awaiting a bed at the Village. Irene said she sounded well when she spoke to her this week, but can’t wait to get back to Forbes. We hope she keeps well and happy.

Our Father’s Day raffle was drawn last Friday. The lucky winner’s name is on display in the front window of the Op-Shop. Our next raffle will be a patio setting consisting of a table and two chairs, an umbrella and other goodies for your patio. The gardening parcel will be drawn on Friday, September 8, just in time for spring gardening. We will be having our tyres raffle on display. 

We held our bingo last night. I will be reporting on this next week. Our bingo nights are held the second and fourth Monday of each month. These are held at Forbes Services Memorial Club’s auditorium starting at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. The next bingo night is on Monday 11th September. We also run a cash bingo each Saturday at 2pm. This is also at the Services Club. The more players, the larger the cash prizes. The Eugowra Friends of the Sunshine Club hold a bingo afternoon on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Their next bingo will be on Tuesday, 12th September at 1pm at the Eugowra Bowling Club. 

Our thought for the week comes from David Lloyd George. “Don’t be afraid to take a big step. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.” Until next week, keep shining. Gay Lady’s Granddaughter.