Kids have a blast at cricket gala day | Photos

Forbes primary schools converged on the Botanical Gardens on Wednesday for the annual Milo T20 Blast Gala Day.

Fifty-one teams took to the fields with special visitors NSW Country Cricket female cricketer of the year Lisa Griffith and emerging star Hannah Trethewy.

Impressed by the turn-out, both players said it was great to see so many children playing – both boys and girls.

“There’s some great cricket skills and I think they are really enjoying it,” Lisa said. “Milo T20 Blast is all about having fun. It’s short and sharp, a lot of fun packed into a few hours.”

Lisa and Hannah are in the region for Cricket NSW Country Blitz, a program where players from NSW Blues and Lendlease Breakers travel around country communities.

They said it had been encouraging to see young girls getting out and giving cricket a go – something they are both passionate about.

Both got their start playing on boys and men’s teams. Lisa eventually started traveling from her home town of Bathurst to Sydney to play in a women’s competition.

“Playing with the boys can be tough at times … it taught me a lot,” she said. “It’s important for girls to know they can play cricket well.”

“The best thing about cricket for me is that it’s a team sport, but you have to perform your best as an individual too,” Hannah said.

“I love playing, and training, with some of my best friends.

“It’s really great to be out here and see this – 51 teams and 18 fields, it’s incredible.” 

If your kids loved the cricket gala day, registrations for this summer’s local junior cricket competition are now open at