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Winners: Of the Fathers day bowls Alice Allen Alf Davies and Connie Skinner. Social bowls tomorrow, call 9am-9.30am for a 10am start.

Winners: Of the Fathers day bowls Alice Allen Alf Davies and Connie Skinner. Social bowls tomorrow, call 9am-9.30am for a 10am start.

-by Colleen Liebich

We had a lovely day of bowls last week celebrating Father’s Day with the men with ten rinks of bowls playing triples we played 16 ends.

We started the day with a spider competition which raised $43.20 for our charity with Don Hodson and Hazel Prince nearest to the spiders.

Lots of fun was had by all with much laughter coming from green.

We also had two resting touchers bowled by Connie Skinner and Deanna Williams The winning rink of the day went to Alice Allen Alf Davies and Connie Skinner.

Runners up were the team of Barry Wright Margaret McConnell and Fred Vogelsang

The raffle winners were Colleen Liebich Gunna Williams Sue White and Jeff Williams. Brian Tisdell thanked the ladies for the lovely food provided for lunch and Judy McLuckie for the delightful assortment of cakes she made. 

The men always enjoy our special days each year of combined bowls and great bowls are played.

Leisa Burton, Alison Cutcliffe, Lyn Simmonds and Colleen Crump will be going to Mudgee to play for the Tabor Shield today and we wish them great bowling.

We have several ladies recovering from surgery and we hope they will be out on the green again before long. Dawyn Sandra and Marlene we miss you and hope you are all as good as new soon.

Margaret Morrison a former President celebrated a birthday last week  Hope you had a great day.

The Veterans and under 70’s competitions have now been organised and ladies please look at the board and check when you are down to play.

The Social selectors for September are Jan Waugh and Loris Stewart and Morning Tea duties Alice Allen and Anne Walker.

To play social bowls tomorrow a phone call between 9am and 9.30am for a 10am start is necessary for teams to be organised Look forward to seeing you there

Forbes Veterans golf

-by Short Putts Mate

Veteran golfers from Forbes and Parkes played their weekly Thursday 12 hole competition in Parkes last week with 17 players from the host club, eight from Forbes while one visitor greeted the starter.

Winner was Forbes resident and Parkes member, Peter Unwin with 25 points from fellow club member, Ian Phipps.

Encouragement award went to Rick Glover (Parkes) with a solid 12 points.

Nearest the pins, fourth A grade Alf Davies (F), B grade Garry Collits (F), 11th A grade Sunna Bell (P), B grade Robert Lea (P).

In the Mick Miller Shield with the best six best scores from each club counting, Parkes 142 points, Forbes 118 points.

Ball sweep to 20 points; 24 John Pearce (P), Sunna Bell (P), 23 Ted Morgan (F), Rod Luyt (P), 22 Gary Collits (F), 21 Tom Edols (F), Dub Rodgers (P), Roy Bell (P), 20 Ken Sanderson (F), Robert Lea (P).

Thursday's 12 holes will be here in Forbes, 12.30 pm for noms with a 1pm shot gun start.

Barry Parkes, one of the more consistent golfers here in Forbes was at it again last Tuesday top scoring in Cheating Tuesday with 32 points for the 12 hole event.

Runner-up and just as consistent was Dennis Culley with 31 points.

Cheating Tuesday is on again today with ball toss as usual at 9.30am for playing partners.

Cheating Tuesday is open to all, and that includes ladies. The round is friendly, modified rules with preferred lies, all with the aim of having a hit in a friendly and casual atmosphere.

For all information on all golf in Forbes phone the Pro Shop on 6851 1554.


-by Anne Stewart

Golf croquet September 5: The club is still feeling the nip of winter each morning and several members are succumbing to colds and flu resulting in fewer players. Those of us who are still hale and hearty wish everyone a quick recovery.

Today was a very busy day following the croquet games with the clubs Annual General Meeting held where a new committee was elected. Congratulations Elvy Quirk on becoming our first female President. This was held by a General Meeting where some great decisions were made to help us through the next year.  Thank you to the Post Office Hotel for allowing us the space to conduct our meetings, and for hosting our birthday lunch in their new restaurant where we were served some very delicious food followed by a luscious birthday cake for dessert. Happy birthday Neville Morrison and Lorraine Todd.

  • John Allegri, Lyn Simmonds 8, Lorraine Todd, Bruce Field 5
  • John MacCullagh, Elvy Quirk 8, Neville Morrison, Lily Allegri 5
  • Harley Stewart, Lorna Field 8, Caryl Slattery, Ros Rennick 5
  • Dorelle Scott, Barry White 7, Evelyn Mahlo, Dorothea Croker 6
  • John Brown, Kathleen Broderick 7, Libby Smart, Alec Todd 6
  • Harley Stewart, Colleen Liebich 8, Alec Todd, Elvy Quirk 5
  • Dorelle Scott, Evelyn Mahlo 9, Kathleen Broderick, Lily Allegri 4
  • Tony Thomson, Bill Scott 8, Colleen Liebich, Robyn Polls 5
  • Lorna Field, Bill Scott 8, Dorothea Croker, John MacCullagh 5
  • John Allegri, Lyn Simmonds 7, Barry White, Ros Rennick 6
  • Lorraine Todd, Neville Morrison 7, Bruce Field, Libby Smart 6
  • Robyn Polls, Caryl Slattery 8, Tony Thomson, John Brown 5
  • Harley Stewart, Lily Allegri 9, Colleen Liebich, Kathleen Broderick 4
  • Elvy Quirk, Lorna Field 7, Bill Scott, Barry White 6
  • Evelyn Mahlo, Robyn Polls 8, Lorrain Todd, John MacCullagh 5
  • Ros Rennick, Libby Smart 8, Alec Todd, John Allegri 5
  • Neville Morrison, Dorothea Croker7, Tony Thomson, Dorelle Scott 6

Aussie Croquet September 9: The cold is still with us and we have two members in Hospital as well as those who are still battling colds and flu. Roll on spring and some warmer weather.

  • Tony Thomson, Elizabeth McLean 14, Lorna Field, Joan Littlejohn 8
  • John Allegris, Libby Smart 14, Dorothea Croker, Bruce Field 11
  • Harley Stewart 14, John MacCullagh, Anne Stewart 11
  • Dorelle Scott, Barry White 14, Ros Rennick, Colleen Liebich 10
  • Bob Murray, Kathleen Broderick 14, Bill Scott, Doreen Rogers 11
  • Tony Thomson, Bob Murray 14, Kathleen Broderick, Ros Rennick 8
  • Dorelle Scott, Colleen Liebich 14, Anne Stewart, John Allegri 10
  • Joan Littlejohn, Barry White 14, Libby Smart, Bruce Field 11
  • Elizabeth McLean, Dorothea Croker 14, Harley Stewart, Lorna Field 11
  • Bill Scott 14, Doreen Rogers, John MacCullagh 8
  • Libby Smart 14, Joan Littlejohn, John MacCullagh 12
  • Bruce Field, Bill Scott 14, Colleen Liebich Anne Stewart 11
  • Dorothea Croker, Ros Rennick 14, Tony Thomson, Kathleen Broderick 12
  • Dorelle Scott, Bob Murray 14, Elizabeth McLean, Lorna Field 11
  • Harley Stewart, Doreen Rogers 14, Barry White, John Allegri 12

Netball News

The Forbes Netball Spring night competitions for both mixed and ladies teams will play the second round of games this week. No competitions will be played during the school holidays.

All team representatives are reminded this week, to please update the team sheets, that are in the office. All teams should now have a copy of the rules to follow for the night competitions. A reminder of the FNA monthly meeting to be held on Thursday September 21 at 7pm at the Forbes Services Memorial Club.

All teams must be represented, and the organisation of the night competitions will be on the agenda. Teams are asked to come along to the meeting, and have an input, with the committee, on how the competitions could be run.

A bonus will be two competition points to the teams that are represented. Anyone having trouble with registrations should contact Registrar Kerrie Priest. All players must now be registered before they can play this week. Registration includes registrations to FNA and NNSW, and a competition fee of $40-00 per player per team. 

Wednesday, September 13

Mixed competition

  • 6.30pm crt 4 McClintocks versus Top Shots (Forbes Engineering-2 umpires).
  • 6.30pm crt 5 H & S versus Zenith (CWD-2 umpires).
  • 6.30pm crt 6 HE Silos versus Maguire Contracting (Marg Spackman/Robyn Kenny).

Ladies competition

  • 7.30pm crt 4 Jess' versus CWD (Carmen Stephens/Robyn Kenny).
  • 7.30pm crt 5 Golfie versus Forbes Enginering (Jack Piercy/Marg Spackman). Bye-Postie.


-by Drop Shot!

Last Wednesday, September 6 was our third week and Nathan Roach claimed a set from Brendon Allegri, as did Harry Toole from Jack Cole though both lost in four.  Only one five set match occurred, Will Wallace and Alex Bayley, all others went three and four sets.   

Team results were:

Roachs (17) defeated Barnards (11).

Nathan defeated Andrew 3–1.

G Coombs defeated N Toole 3–1. 

H Carlisle lost to L Webb 0–3.

J Darcy defeated C Yapp 3–0.

W Bilsboroughs (14) tied D Bilsboroughs (14).

Wayne defeated Danny 3–0. 

Sub W Wallace lost to D Hodges 0–3. 

J Hemming defeated A Carlisle 3–0. 

J Barnard lost to P Cormie 0–3.

Acrets (14) tied Allegris (14).

Sub N Roach lost to Brendon 1–3.

W Wallace defeated A Bayley 3–2.

H Toole lost to J Cole 1–3.

C Toole d B Barnard 3–0.   

Thursdays competition again produced dramatic score margins. All three courts had over ten points difference between winning and losing teams. Some matches were closer however. Nathan Roach versus Pete Cowhan went five sets, total scores were similar.

Team results were:

Deardons (13) lost to Kings (28).

Stuart lost to Richard 1–3.

G.Dempsey defeated S.Hornery 3–1.

N.Roach defeated P.Cowhan 3–2.

Sub T.Coombs lost to J.Betland 0–3.

G.Falvey lost to D.Thomas 0–3.

Acrets (15) lost to Doyles (27).

Sub G.Dempsey lost to Alex 0–3.

D.Bayley lost to B.Allegri 0–3.

S.Webb defeated D.Haynes 3–1.

Sub Bl.Thomas lost to T.Coombs 0–3.

A.Bayley lost to P.Thompson 0–3. 

E.Cowhan defeated G.Falvey 3–0,

Pipers (15) lost to Dawes (26).

Darryn d Oli 3–1.

C.McQuie lost to J.Cannon 0–3.

J.Tobin won on forfeit.

G.Coombs lost to M.Webb 0–3.

C.Allegri lost to Bl.Thomas 0–3.

Sub D.Thomas lost to R.Brown 0–3.


On Monday, September 4 we played a sven table Mitchell movement. The North South winners were Beth and John Biggs on 70.60 per cent, with Peter MacPhillamy and Alpana Mahagaonkar in second place on 63.30 per cent. The East West winners were Judy Kerr and Helen Pitt on 64.30 per cent with Di Findley and Kay Toohey in second place on 58.20 per cent. On Thursday, September 7 we played a five table Howell movement. The winners were Helen McQuie and Alpana Mahagaonkar on 63.90 per cent with Goldie Ridley and Colleen Venables in second place on 56.90 per cent and in third place on 55.60 per cent were Gai Hudson and Marie Jolly.

Bogan Gate Golf

A hearty thank you to the dedicated members of the club who have assisted in maintaining and preparing the course, especially for the up coming Mens Open Tournament. August 26 the club held an 18 hole Stableford event, winner on the day was Donal McKeowen with 38 points. Runner-up was Graeme Hunter with 36 points, third was Robert McIntyre with a respectful score of 34, NTP on the sixth and 15th was Donal McKeowen. September 2 the club played a 18 hole Stableford for the men and ladies winner for the ladies was Jenny Williams on 37 points. For the men the winner was Donal McKeowen with 38 points.