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Congratulations ladies golfer, Teresa Armitage who won the Lainey Miller Memorial Trophy at the Manildra Tournament. Photo: Heather Davidson

Congratulations ladies golfer, Teresa Armitage who won the Lainey Miller Memorial Trophy at the Manildra Tournament. Photo: Heather Davidson

The glorious weekend weather was reflected in the faces of the golfers as they enjoyed their game and an opportunity to get to the show. And players took to the scoring with mad mayhem.

On Saturday the Mens comp was the Monthly Medal, sponsored by McFeeter’s Motor Museum.

The players were certainly revved up and ready to go. Despite the other events, the Show and a rugby union Semi-Final, there was a keen group of 50 players.

The A-Grade was a tussle between two hot-shots on the field. John Betland played well to score a 68 scratch, nett 70, but his playing partner Peter Dawson took the honours on count back with his 70 nett.

This relegated John to runner-up. Peter was rough starting up, but played the back-9 under par. John blitzed the front nine with a 33 and was under par on the back.

The B-Grade was also close. Robb Webb played early and was on fire, returning a nett 69. He had to wait all day, when Mike Spice came in among the last group with a nett 68 to take the honours. They both had 41’s on the front nine, but Robb erred with a 42 on the back nine, to Mike’s 41, and would have won on count back with one less shot somewhere.

The C-Grade followed the trend, albeit loosely. Denis Culley was a run-away winner with his early start, pegging his nett 69 on the score board.

Stevie G seemed to have runner-up comfortably until Geoff Drane came in late and took the spot with 71. Denis was pleased with his game, being consistent throughout. Geoff also played well, and had a couple of ‘magic’ holes to help him along.

The ball sweep went to 73 nett, going to: 68 – M Spice,; 69 – R Webb, D Culley; 70 – P Dawson, J Betland, A Callaghan; 71 – D Bayley, G Drane, D Rhodes; 72 – P Kay: 73 – M Cahill, J Zannes, M Haley.

The NTP’s were a ‘King John’ benefit: ninth – J Betland; 18th – J Betland. John’s shot to the ninth was less than two feet away from a hole-in-one. And he managed two’s on both holes. There were only five two’s overall, with the C-Graders missing out.

There were no visitors. There were a couple of intimidating groups on the course. Dawson, Betland, Bayley and Callaghan parried all day, while Dukes, Watts, Duke and Sallaway cut and thrust to gain the Keno.

It was a day for scoring, as demonstrated by the overall results with nearly half the field scoring a74 nett or better. At the top end of the bell graph there were a few who maybe should have gone to the show instead. I am sure Stuart French’s mind was on the cattle rink rather than the golf rink.

As always there were tales of woe. Bob Borger carried more than he should have, with a ‘fuggy’ due to a touch of the flu. It did affect his vision as he was quite consistent in his three putts all day.

Terry Griffiths was not pleased with his start, which included an eight on the second, while Phil Duke nearly crumbled with a ten on the seventh, and it was no highlight.

Stevie G used gravity to good effect. His winning putt on the seventh hung on the very edge on the top side of the hole, and then gently toppled into the hole. But then poor putting on the 15th, for the second week in succession, ruined any chance to get the Keno.

Peter Barnes was playing well. Consistently long drives and sterling irons kept his opponents, Alf Davies and Stevie G, at bay.

The coup-de-gras came on the 16th. His tee shot finished on the fourth fairway. His recovery did not bend around the tree, instead went straight to the 17th tee area. His third ran under the trees and finished two feet from the pin for an easy par – and the Keno!

Jeff Haley also drove well. His mighty shot off the 16th finished on the green – the practice green that is. But he still managed to come home strongly. And Paul Kay represented the sponsors with aplomb. He had a tidy 72 nett, and graciously stepped aside for others to take the glory.

Sunday was another good golf day for the Stableford Medley, and good golf was played. The average score was around 35 points, with a very narrow range.

The winner was John Betland with 37 points, on the back of a tidy 69 scratch, with 33 on the back nine. He was especially pleased to push Steve Betland into runner-up. Steve managed 36 points off his 71 scratch. They were both very good scores.

The NTP’s went to: 9th - J Betland; 18th – nobody. And yes, he did get his ‘2’. It was the lone ‘2’ of the day.

Here is the News

This is a quiet time so we should be able to get rid of some of the outstanding Wallace Cup matches. There are three matches to paly to decide the Quarter-finalists, so get it done or the Captain shall flip a coin. You have until 25 Sep to get it done.

The Summer Sixes team entries are now open. The Comp games commence on October 9, preceded by a week of handicap play for the non-regulars.

Muster your team now and get your entry into Simon asap. He is also available to answer any questions – phone 6851 1554.

The greens renovations are going well, but like the whole countryside a drop of rain will help. Please ensure you fill in your divot holes and fix your pitch marks now, as this will have great benefit when the growth really spurts on.

Do not forget the Club Elections on Wednesday, October 25. This is your chance to step up and be involved in your Club.

It is crystal ball time: Saturday, September 16 is a 4BBB Stableford Medley, sponsored by Cahill’s Footwear.

Sunday has the 18-Hole Stableford Medley. That weekend also has the Parkes Open, so there may be a chance for glory there.

Saturday, September 23 is the 4-Ball Ambrose Medley sponsored by Alby Callaghan. The winners get their name on the Callaghan Shield, and get a hug from Alby. Sunday has the 18-Hole Stableford Medley.

-by Short Putt


Julie Hurkett was the last lady standing at the Kevin Miller Whitty Lennon and Crosby Angus Stud 2017 Shootout on Sunday.

We played the back nine in ideal conditions so no blaming the weather or course.  Our referees Kerry and Colleen were as kind as possible for playoffs on some holes.

No one was eliminated on tenth but alas Jenny Fletcher and Heather Davidson went astray on 11th and joined the spectators gallery. 

Ev Uphill could have had a birdie on 12th but ended up being eliminated after a playoff with Jill and Barb. Jill Cripps tried hard on 13th but bowed out.

Our ever consistent qualifier Enid Baker left us on 14th but as always enjoyed the moment as we reached the half way mark. The scary 15th claimed Janet Smith, seems this hole is the make or break for all competitions.

Down the 16th and Robin Lyell our hard working Captain who has been in very good form faltered and was out. Homeward bound and Sally Crosby approach shot over the back to the mens 18th tee, the rest is history.

The tricky 18th saw Barb Drabsch in the oleander bush and Julie Hurketts perfect shot only making it half way to the green, the tension was mounting as it still could have been anyone's victory.

Our number one player on a 17 Handicap shot five Pars over the nine holes and claimed the Shootout Cup, pity Dougie was not there as caddie. Thank you everyone for supporting the Shootout and big congratulations to Julie.

The Canowindra Results will be in next week due to the long report on the Shootout. On Saturday 9th September a Stableford sponsored by Sephora Beauty Studio in Division 1 saw our President Colleen Venables 36 win on a count back from Bess Shields. NTP ninth Julie Hurkett and 18th Ev Uphill. 

Wednesday, September 13 McFeeters Motor Museum sponsored a Stableford in two Divisions with Colleen Bratton 37 taking Division One and the grey nomad Lyn Kennedy 35 taking division two.

NTP ninth Kerry Stirling and 18th Robin Lyell. Sweep went to Colleen, Lyn and Robin Lyell.

Next Wednesday is a Stableford and Alison is on cards.

-By Roving Reporter