Numbers ease at this week’s sales with no rain on horizon

Numbers eased slightly at Monday’s cattle sale with no rain forecast. Quality was mixed with some lines of well finished and grain assisted cattle offered along with the plainer secondary types.

Yearlings made up the majority of the yarding and there was an extra buyer present and competing in a cheaper market.

The few vealer steers and heifers offered reached 309c/kg. Yearling steers to processors eased 8c to 10c to sell from 255c to 280c/kg.

Those to feed were 13c cheaper with prices ranging from 255c to 285c/kg. The heifer portion showed the biggest change easing 15c to 20c/kg. Feeder heifers sold from 235c to 250c/kg. Light weights to processors sold from 230c to 296c/kg.

Middle weights reached 270c and heavy weights sold from 235c to 253c/kg.

Numbers eased at Tuesday’s sheep sale with lambs showing the decrease. There was 10,450 new season lambs penned and quality continues to be mixed. There were both well finished and plainer lambs penned however there was an increased percentage of drier lambs offered. The usual buyers were present and competing in a firm to dearer market.

Light new season lambs lifted $4 to sell from $114 to $122/head. Trade weights were firm to $3 better with prices ranging from $120 to $150/head. Heavy and extra heavy weights were also firm to $2/head better.

Heavy lambs sold from $141 to $162 and extra heavy weights received $155 to $175/head. Trade weights ranged from $115 to $140/head. Heavy lambs sold from $150 to $160 and extra heavy weights made from $153 to $212/head.

National Livestock Reporting Service