Cotton trial moving ahead in Forbes

Four varieties of cotton have been planted in the Forbes region as part of an ongoing trial. 

Currently in its third year cotton has been grown close to Forbes and the trial aims to determine the suitability of the four different varieties within the region.

Bob Ford from Cotton Seed Distributors said the area of cotton had grown significantly since it was started three years ago, with 1700 hectares of cotton planted this season compared with the 230 hectares in the first year.

There are four different varieties within the CSD trials being grown on Walla Wallah and Bergen Park.

Mr Ford said that one particular variety, Sicot 746, had previously done well in the region and he was hopeful about its success again this year.

During the 2016 the cotton was planted later in the season due to the floods which caused some setbacks. 

Agronomist Cameron Corke said cotton is sensitive to herbicide drift and the 2016 crop suffered some damage. As there is more cotton in this year Mr Corke wants everyone to be aware of where the cotton is, so steps can be taken to minimise the drift risk.

If you wanted to know where there is cotton to check the online program cotton maps at