HSC starts Monday for the Class of 2017

The Class of 2017 is preparing to walk into the school exam hall for the final time.

The Higher School Certificate exams start Monday and our local Year 12 students are reviewing and revising their year’s work in preparation.

While the students admitted to a range of emotions about the exams, with stress pretty high on the list, their teachers are encouraging.

Red Bend Catholic College Director of Curriculum Trish Martin said the school was very pleased with the preparation the students had put in for the HSC.

“They’re a terrific group of young men and women and we are sure they will succeed,” she said.

“We know they have been working hard. We have great faith in them.”

She added it was important to remember the HSC was not the endpoint.

Forbes High’s relieving principal Jason Nottingham said students had been taught well and provided with many opportunities to put theory into practice.

“Make sure you are well rested, prepared (remember those calculators!) and focused for all your exams,” he said. 

“As a school we look forward to help you celebrate in your successes and the opportunities that will open up to you in the near future.”

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has added his congratulations to more than 70,000 students sitting the HSC for the years of hard work it has taken to reach this point.

“Over coming weeks I encourage all HSC candidates to look after their health, take time out to exercise and keep the right balance in preparation for the exams ahead,” he said.

“While it is an important opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge, at the end of the day it’s just an exam.”

The Advocate sat down with a handful of students from both schools this week, all experiencing a range of emotions.

Red Bend students said they were confident about how the teachers and school had helped prepare them for the exams and the many possibilities that will open up afterwards.

Several have received conditional early entry into university, with others hoping to receive an offer after the HSC is complete.

Mihram Sarkissian has received an early entry offer into Sydney University to study Engineering, based on his final HSC results.

Forbes High School’s Maddison Collits and Jessy-Lea Byrnes have also received early entry university offers that have taken some of the pressure off the next three weeks. 

Both received an unconditional offer for early entry into the University of Wollongong to study Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Social Work.

Maddi said it was tempting to procrastinate, but she had been going through her notes and trying to commit all of the important information to memory.

She and her classmates have been thrilled to receive early offers into various universities.

“It’s good that the uni thinks you’re good enough to go there even though you’re from a small school,” Ms Collits said.

To gain these early entry offers, students had to apply and answer several extended response questions.

Mr Nottingham wished year 12 students the best of luck on behalf of all the students and staff at FHS.

“You have been taught well and provided with a multitude of opportunities to put theory into practice,” he said.

“Now it is over to you and all of the hard work you have put in during class during the year and studies over the recent holidays.”

Mr Nottingham said he was proud to have played a small role in students’ HSC education and personally wished them well for the future.

“You are always welcome to return and share your adventures with us,” he said.

​Exams start with English on Monday, October 16 and finish with drama, on Tuesday November 7.

The Forbes Advocate wishes all our locals about to sit their HSC exams the very best.