Forbes Fins dive into new season

One year ago Forbes FINS Swimming Club Inc was created to give swimmers an opportunity to train, learn and compete at any level they chose to strive to in the swimming pool.  

(Top) Billy Reid, Oscar Worland, Ellie Flick, Ellie Mattiske (second row) Andie Hodder, Isla Worland (front)  Luca Bet, Tess Worland, Jemma Hodder, Nico Bet and Max Reid at Sydney Olympic Park.

(Top) Billy Reid, Oscar Worland, Ellie Flick, Ellie Mattiske (second row) Andie Hodder, Isla Worland (front) Luca Bet, Tess Worland, Jemma Hodder, Nico Bet and Max Reid at Sydney Olympic Park.

From these beginnings, the Management Team and Coaches of the FINS saw the Club grow rapidly until a total of 159 swimmers were taking part in Swimming Squads and Club Events by the close of the Season.  

The 88 families that supported the FINS last year are now looking ahead to the new summer season. The official start date for FINS squad sessions is Monday October 16.  

Both morning and afternoon sessions will be available for any interested and capable swimmer.  

Five squads will be in operation across both the town pool and the heated pool.  

The seven qualified coaches for the FINS intend to deliver a comprehensive 20 week season plan where all levels of independent swimmer are catered for.

A strong focus will be on school carnivals in early 2018, but lots of work will also go into the broader Swimming NSW competitions at both a Regional and State level.

This October, 13 FINS swimmers were selected to take part in an ‘Achievers Squad’ where a fully funded training day took place at Kinross Wolaroi School.  

From there, 11 of the participating FINS swimmers took part in an Achievers Squad meet at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.  

A total of three Silver medals were awarded.

Ellie Mattiske and Oscar Worland were the worthy recipients and both put in some strong performances throughout the day.

The remainder of the novice swimmers came away with not only personal best results, but an overwhelming sense of accomplishment at having competed at such a large arena.

The FINS Coaches will build on many of the evident abilities displayed last season, and create a Club of confident and capable swimmers.  

With the assistance of the new town pool management and the management team at the Forbes Heated Pool, they hope to instill a love of swimming as both a recreational lifetime habit, and a competitive sporting pursuit.  

The first club night (time trial) will take place on Friday October 20 at the Town Pool from 6pm.  

This initial program will be published in the week commencing October 16, and it will be the cornerstone of type of evening that parents can expect to be delivered over the following 17 Club nights.  

All swimmers will get the chance to have a race in a controlled and fun environment, but more importantly to see if they can better their time from the week before.  

It will also be an opportunity to make a distance in a stroke they haven’t made before, and all whilst enjoying swimming in the company of their friends and team mates.

If you believe that Swim Club will help promote fit, goal setting, disciplined, confident and social children then we urge you to come down to a 3.30pm session at either the Town Pool or Forbes Heated Pool from Monday October 16 and meet with some of the FINS team for a chat or or phone Juliet Hodder on 0417 805 678 for more information.

You can also send the group a message via Forbes Fins on Facebook.

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