Wirrinya Annual Picnic Day recognised in state parliament

Philip Donato tries his hand at the Wirrinya Annual Picnic Day ping pong cup challenge.
Philip Donato tries his hand at the Wirrinya Annual Picnic Day ping pong cup challenge.

Wirrinya’s Family Picnic Day so impressed new State Member for Orange Phil Donato that he has given it official recognition in NSW Parliament.

The annual family fun day, which includes all sorts of races, sports and challenges, was this year held on September 24.

Mr Donato arrived at the family picnic day just in time to get roped into a gumboot relay team.​

His statement to the NSW State Parliament follows.

“On 364 days of the year you would miss Wirrinya if you blinked hard to clear the dust out of your eye, but that other day of each year is the one that makes up for all others!

“Once a year this unassuming little hamlet, south west of Forbes, takes on a life of its own as the district, and a few ring-ins, assemble at “The Shed” for a day packed with fun activities for all ages.

“The friendly chatter and laughter of the hundreds of people drown the usual silence of Wirrinya that is usually only ever interrupted by a lone crow or the occasional passing of ute with a kelpie riding shotgun.

“The Wirrinya Annual Picnic Day, held on 24th September this year, was filled with activities which included running races, gum boot relay, coin toss, ping pong cup, tennis serve, billy boil, kids raffle and lollie drop.

“I was particularly intrigued by the billy boil, in which 40 plus contestants each competed to be the first to boil 600ml of water in a billy over a fire they each had to light using supplied match and kindling.

“Their Aussie bush heritage being tested, the proud country folk competed fiercely, and braving intensity of heat and smoke to call judge to water’s eruption.

“This event is what characterises Wirrinya; unique yet quintessential country Australia.

“My optimism for our country heritage and spirit of community are renewed when I visit tight-knit yet welcoming country communities like Wirrinya.

“Congratulations to Monica Langfield and the committee of the Wirrinya Progress and Sports Association for organising such a great day.”