Macquarie Symphony Orchestra performance comes to close

The Macquarie Symphony Orchestra has vowed to return to Forbes after a well-received performance on Saturday night. 

The orchestra received a standing ovation from an appreciative audience at Forbes Town Hall after performing a classical repertoire including Beethoven’s Eighth Symphony and Fingal’s Cave Overture by Mendelssohn.

Spokesperson Monica Morse said the event was very successful and the orchestra was planning to return to Forbes – delighted with both the venue and the reception they received.

The stars of the evening were two young soloists who performed concertos live with the orchestra for the first time.

Sandra Ismail, winner of the Camplin Prize in the inaugural Macquarie Philharmonia Concerto competition, performed the Mozart clarinet concerto.

She described playing with the orchestra as “the opportunity of a lifetime”.

Lucy Clarke-Randazzo, winner of the Thompson Concerto prize, played the dazzling violin concerto by Kabalevsky.

Ms Clarke-Randazzo said she has been practicing Kabelewski's violin concerto for about 12 months and had never played it with an orchestra.

“It is one of my favourite pieces and to experience being accompanied by a full orchestra will be so exciting and a great musical experience for me as I develop my ensemble skills,” she said.

Mrs Morse would like to thank the Forbes Shire Council for supporting the orchestra.

The Macquarie Symphony Orchestra took their performance to Bathurst on Sunday October 22.