Forbes golfing goodness

Going Long: The weekend was enjoyed by many golfers like David Rhodes here and non-golfers alike.
Going Long: The weekend was enjoyed by many golfers like David Rhodes here and non-golfers alike.

Men’s Golf

The good scores matched the good fun enjoyed by all. On Saturday the Competition was an 18-hole Stableford, sponsored by a group of avid golfers referred to as ‘The Manna Group’. It was pleasing that even though there had been a multitude of golf over the past few weekends, many players were still keen to enjoy the fresh air and good fellowship.

The 46 players were relieved to be playing an easier form of the game, and their scores showed that they enjoyed the contest. There were no brilliantly outstanding scores, but many scores were around the same mark.

The A-division was won by Scott Kirkman who seemed to be a tree height or two above everybody else. His round started well, and got even better to finish with 40 points. Runner-up was Niel Duncan on 37 points. He got there on count back from a tight group of players.

The B Division went to Graham Newport with a finely composed 38 points, set up by a good start and finish to the front-9. He was nervous because ‘starting with a par on the 1st usually leads to calamity’, but not this time. Runner-up was Bruce Squires with 37 points, compiled with an excellently played back-9.

The ball sweep went to 36 points on count back, going to: 40 – S Kirkman; 38 – G Newport; 37 – B Quires, F Donohoe, N Duncan, P Grayson, F Hanns, N McMillan; 36 – P Barnes, P Cowhan, A Dukes and C Barrett.

The NTP’s went to: ninth – B Carpenter; 18th – T Morgan.  Neither got their twos. In fact despite the good conditions there were only five twos overall, amounting to an 11 per cent return. There was one visitor, Peter McDade form Lismore. He enjoyed his wander, played some steady golf, but was undone with a couple of ordinary holes.

The scatter-gun card award was closely contested. Many players seemed to be wayward on one ‘9’, then composed themselves on the other ‘9’. But, by virtue of some wild scoring swings, Richard Smith claims the award this time, from Frank Hanns. An encouragement award must go to Greg Webb, who had a few ‘outliers’ but was too tidy in-between.

Sunday was a busy day with the Rotary Charity Golf Day commencing in the morning and a Stableford Medley run in the afternoon. The Rotary Charity Stableford Medley, was contested by a good group of players in great conditions. An uneven number of 55 players participated, with many registrations arriving as a surge on the morning of the event. This made catering a nightmare, but the talent amongst the catering crew ensured things worked well.

A full list of prize winners will be supplied later, but such was the strength of the support that the prizes stretched to over half the field. A big thank you to all sponsors and helpers who contributed to the day, and especially to Evolution mining for their support.

All participants can be proud to have provided nearly $1000 to the FHS Wellness Hub Later on Sunday a Stableford Medley was played, with a small number of participating players. The winner was Andy Cogswell, recently returned from his honeymoon and still in a happy place. There was no ball sweep, and the NTP’s were casual also. Unfortunately I missed the names.

Here is the News: Everything is charging ahead for the Nissan Classic, to be held November 11-12. On Saturday there will be a 4BBB Stableford Medley. With the range of players attending there should be some good results. There have been a few cancellations so spots have opened up for anybody keen to play.

A Working Bee will be on November 5. The objective is to pick up sticks, clean around the trees and ensure all the pegs are in the ground correctly. Whatever time you can spare, from 8am onwards. Sunday will be the 18-hole Stroke Nissan Classic, and again good scores are expected. The tee time sheet is quite full for this day, but give the Pro Shop a ring to ensure you get your name down. The demand for carts is still high. If you have, or know of, a cart which is not being used and is available, please let the Pro Shop know so that they can make as many players as possible happy.

Do not forget the equipment demonstration days, organised by Simon: November 17 Ping: 10am to 2pm. November 18 Titleist: 8am to 12noon.

Call Simon and book a time now. You can bring your clubs along, but generally this is a chance to try something new with the Pros building your equipment from scratch. It really does make a difference.

The Wallace Cup Match Play has progressed, although the Captain had to invoke some harsh decisions. The latest result saw Neil McMillan defeat Laurie O’Connor by a large margin. It was a case of one player being ‘on song’ and the other ‘out of tune’.

One Semi-final will see Ian Bown matched up against Peter Cowhan. Unfortunately Peter has stumbled on some cows hooves and the match has been postponed a number of times. But it will happen. The other Semi-final is yet to be determined. This is one of the few remaining trophies to be decided. The other is the Mixed Foursomes Scratch event, requiring a play-off. And once again player availability has impeded progress, but it will happen.

Notification is provided for the ‘Medal of Medallists’, to be played on November 18. If commitments allow, the Monthly medal winners play as a group, thus ensuring the Winner is known in good time.

The Events Committee Elections are scheduled for November 14, in the meeting room of FGA House. Nominations have been received already, but others are welcome. The fun starts at 6pm. Contact Steve Grallelis if you want more information.

It is crystal ball time: Saturday, November 4 is the Monthly Medal, sponsored by Jelbarts Tyrepower. This is your last chance to earn a spot in the ‘Medal of Medallist’, and perhaps get some good grip with fresh rubber. Sunday, November 5 is a Stableford Medley.

-by Short Putt


The third round, finishing on Sunday 29 October, of the ASI Capital sponsored Forbes Golf Club Summer Sixers competition, had another good turn-out that produced another gabble of low scores.

The best scores this week were in the low 30’s, scored by – Members: Ian Bown (31), Don Ridley (31) and Rosie Johnston (31), while for the Non-members it was: Pat O’Connell (33), Jesse Hamilton (35.5) and Geoff Tilley (36). Maybe it was a case of the Members being ultra-competitive and the Non-members looking to consolidate their scores.

The groups this year are settling down after the initial shuffle. Some new names are doing well, but the leader boards are dominated by familiar names. The best scores in each Pool were: Drawshanks 105 (Pool 1), Hit n Miss 98.5 (Pool 2), Lost in the Trees (LITT) 104 (Pool 3) and TBC 104 (Pool 4).

TBC appear to be relishing the format, having done very well for the first few weeks and are sitting on top of Pool 4. We shall see how long that lasts.

The ball/ money voucher winners for each Pool are:

Pool 1 – Jill Cripps, Philip Wells, Michael Browne, Ash Tucker, Deb Dingwall, Colleen Venables and Laurie O’Connor.

Pool 2 – Ian Bown, Denise Squire, Graham Newport, Mike Sutcliffe, Niel Duncan, Jeff House and Jesse Hamilton.

Pool 3 – Don Ridley, Pat O’Connell, Stuart Thomas, Len Wood, Geoff Drane, Terry Shannon and Verna Lane.

Pool 4 – Rosie Johnston, Terry Bokeyar, Brett Slack-Smith, Danielle Scott, Hamish Steel-Park, Jill Morgan and Sally Perry.

Just a quick peak at the Pool Table standings. In Pool 1 Boys and Girls share top spot with Carlton Dry Boys on 7.0. Pool 2 also has a shared lead with Bush Divas and Four n Two both on 7.5. Pool 3 has a firm leader in Forbes Toyota on 7.0, and finally Pool 4 sees TBC on 7.0 leading Hook Drive & Sink on 6.0.

Make sure you are learning the rules, as this ensures an even playing field for all and helps you learn so much more about this mad game! Remember the extra half point if your team records six scores for the week. It is a good way to ensure you all commit. And remember also to look after your course by repairing your pitch marks on the green and filling your divots down the fairway.

-by Smooth Swinger