Soft drink, beer prices set to rise because of container deposit scheme

Picking up a carton of beer or bottle of soft drink will cost more from Wednesday as price rises associated with the NSW government’s container deposit scheme (CDS) kick in.

The scheme begins on December 1 but the price rise starts a month early to help fund its introduction.

Also known as "Return and Earn" the NSW CDS will be the largest litter reduction scheme introduced by the state, with the goal of reducing litter volume by 40 per cent by 2020.

Glass bottles and aluminium cans used to hold most alcohol or soft drink will be included in the scheme with each individual bottle or can of drink expected to cost an additional 15 to 20 cents.

For a carton of 24 cans or bottles, that will mean an increase of approximately $4 with consumers able to claim back 10 cents for every container they return to authorised collection points.

Bottle shops are expected to be among the worst affected by the changes. Many have been displaying signs detailing the expected price rises and explaining the rise is related to the CDS.

It will also impact anyone who walks into a supermarket to buy a bottle of Coke.

Wine and spirits bottles will not be affected by the rises and won’t be eligible for the 10 cent rebate under the scheme.

Milk, orange juice and cordial containers over one litre will also be exempt.