Forbes Police move into renovated historic Forbes Police Station

The historic Forbes Police Station has been given a major lift, an interior renovation that has allowed the local police to move their offices back in to the original station.

Police have spent the past couple of decades working out of what was built as the lock-up keeper’s residence.

The original station, built in 1898, has had a complete interior refurbishment over the past 18 months so that it’s much better suited to the current standards and requirements.

It’s also brighter, lighter and much more attractive inside for the 12 local police: two sergeants and 10 constables or senior constables.

“It’s a great building,” Inspector Chris Taylor said.

It now also boasts a secure van dock that police vehicles can drive into when they have someone in custody.

Importantly, the grapevine planted about that time survived the works. 

“There was a primary school behind here and we have stories of children in the 1930s coming around and getting grapes from the police,” chaplain and historian Father Peter said.

The existing lock-up and cells remain in use.