Flannery's Pharmacy celebrates 60 years in business in Forbes

Family and former staff members have gathered from as far away as Canada to celebrate the 60th birthday of Flannery’s Pharmacy.

In six decades of business, Flannery’s has dispensed more than four million scripts, served nearly that many customers, trained 37 pharmacists and employed 372 people.

They’ve also survived seven major floods, weighed more than 17,000 babies and performed more than 85,000 blood pressure checks.

Little wonder that the Rankin Street store was buzzing with activity when they opened the doors for a birthday morning tea last Thursday.

“It’s been wonderful to see some of the customers who have been with our family business for the 60 years,” Michael Flannery said.

“The first people on the doorstep were a busload from from JRV. It’s lovely that our long-standing customers who have supported us are the first on the doorstep to celebrate with us.” 

Marcia Simmons, who worked with the family pharmacy for 41 years, cut the birthday cake.

Current business manager Debbie Prior cut the ribbon to declare the renovated store officially open.

Flannery’s Pharmacy evolved from a partnership between Joe Finn and Ron Flannery a little more than 60 years ago.

Ron purchased Joe’s share in 1956/7 and Flannery’s Phamacy has since occupied three different locations in Rankin Street.

“Times have certainly changed since my father owned the pharmacy,” Michael Flannery explained in a more comprehensive birthday feature in the Advocate on Friday November 3.

“Dad would have hand-written repeats for all his customers,” Mr Flannery said. “About a third of the medications were compounded by the pharmacists with creams being made on a glass slab and mixtures put together from base ingredients.”

Family, staff, former staff and community members continued celebrations with staff and former staff on Thursday evening.

Mark and Michael Vandervoort, sons of Ron’s sister Catherine, travelled from Canada with their families.