Forbes sporting news

Forbes Veteran Golf 

Is there any stopping Parkes' Dale Stait in the Forbes/Parkes weekly 12 hole veterans golf competition played Thursday’s?

He was at it again last week winning with 27 points for the competition at Parkes with another inform player, Forbes' Garry Collits only one point back. Chris Goodie (Parkes) won the Encouragement Award with 16 points.

Nearest the pins, fourth A grade Laurie Wakefield (P), B grade Csaba Belley (P), 11th A grade Sunna Bell (P), Garry Pymont (F).

Ball sweep; 26 points Graeme Cooke (P), 25 Phil Bishop (P), Sunna Bell (P), Rod Luyt (P), 24 Alf Davies (F), Geoff Coles (F), Ian Phipps (P), Csaba Belley (P).

Thursday will see Lachlan Valley veteran golfers travel to Condobolin for the monthly 18 hole competition. In the Mick Miller Shield last week, Parkes 152, Forbes 142.

Garry Collits brushed up for his Thursday form by winning Cheating Tuesday last week with a solid 34 points for the 12 hole competition while Barry Shine was next best with 31 points.

Last week there were 20 starters which is a regular figure these days, and its on again today with ball toss at 9am for playing partners.

Tuesday will see organisers Geoff Coles and Geoff Drane call an impromptu meeting before play to see which date suits most for a Christmas get-together after a very successful year playing a social round of golf.

-by Short Putts Mate

Indoor Bowls

Sandy has been on a high this last three weeks winning every week a well someone has to win. We will give him a pat on the back last week Sandy Hepburn and Joyce McKenzie three wins 22 points.

Runners up Wilma and Joan Littlejohn two wins one lose 23 points. Chocolate went to Vera. Lorriane. and Betty Rees. Joan Littlejohn won the comp and Doreen Rogers.

This week again Sandy put the mats in a different place and it was hard to keep the bowls on the mat Betty took the jack off and then Doreen took it off it makes it more interesting and twice the jack was right at the edge of the mat and Vera came down with the perfect bowl and took the shot bowl out and sat with two shots very well done.

Winners were Sandy Joan and Betty McGrath three wins 36 points. Runners up Doreen Rogers and Liz England two win one lose 16 points.

Chocolate went to Pat McGrath Vera Mc Petrie and Lorriane Sullivan. Comp went to Doreen Rogers and Betty Rees. Every one is welcome to come along to the Community centre and try our game of bowls. Names in 1.15pm for 1.30 start.

-by Wilma Hepburn


The warmer weather reflects numbers particularly in our Tuesday games where some players need to follow on behind games in play due to the shortage of fields. Tuesday’s golf croquet results reflect a diverse range of scores this week, with some close shaves and some fairly big losses. Congratulations and commiserations are due in all games. Clean sweepers with three wins were Harley Stewart, Bob Murray and Bruce Field.

Saturdays Aussie games were as competitive as ever with three teams being dismayed by being pipped at the post resulting in 14/13 scores. Harley Stewart in particular was shattered as he missed the post on his final shot resulting in a loss for he and team partner Jill Rubie. This can be a heart wrenching game at times!! Clean sweepers on Saturday were Bob Murray, Lorraine Todd and Colleen Liebich.

Golf Croquet Tuesday November 7

Harley Stewart, Barry White 7 defeated Mal Smith, Alec Todd 6.

Bruce Field, John Cole 9, defeated John Browne, Libby Smart 4.

Bob Murray, Lyn Simmons 9 defeated Mary Hodges, Lorna Filed 4

Neville Morrison, Marg Styles 8 defeated Joan Littlejohn, Glenys Ryan 5.

Colleen Liebich, Carol Slattery 7, defeated Merv Langfield, John MacCullagh 6.

Evelyn Mahlo, John Allegri8, defeated Dorothea Croker, Kathleen Broderick 5.

Ken Styles 8, defeated Lorraine Todd, C Clifton 5.

Elvy Quirk, Tony Thomson 7, defeated Kevin Rubie, Jill Rubie 6.

Harley Stewart, Bruce Field 8, defeated Lorna Field, Jill Rubie 5.

Merv Langfield, Kathleen Broderick, 7 defeated Carol Slattery, Mal Smith 6.

Marg Styles, John Cole 7, defeated Elvy Quirk, Glenys Ryan 6.

John Browne, Alec Todd 9, defeated Evelyn Mahlo, Mary Hodges 4.

Colleen Liebich, Joan Littlejohn 7, defeated Tony Thomson, C Clifton 4.

Ken Styles, Lyn Simmons 8, defeated Libby Smart 5.

Dorothea Croker, Lorraine Todd 7, John Allegri, John MacCullagh 6.

Bob Murray, Barry White 8, defeated Kevin Rubie, Neville Morrison 5.

Bruce Field, Lyn Simmons 7, defeated Jill Rubie, Colleen Leibich 6.

Evelyn Mahlo, John Cole 10, defeated Mal Smith, Tony Thomson 3.

Barry White, Merv Langfield 8, defeated Lorraine Todd, Glenys Ryan 5.

John Browne, Alec Todd 9, defeated Dorothea Croker, Carol Slattery 4.

John MacCullagh, Libby Smart 8, defeated Lorna Filed, Neville Morrison 5.

Joan Littlejohn, Bob Murray 8, defeated Kathleen Broderick, C Clifton 2.

Harley Stewart, Marg Styles 8, defeated Elvy Quirk, Mary Hodges 5.

Aussie Croquet, Saturday November 11

Kevin Rubie, Libby Smart 14, defeated Doreen Rogers, John MacCullagh 9.

Bob Murray, Merv Langfield 14, defeated Ros Rennick, Dorelle Scott 11.

Lorraine Todd, John Cole 14, defeated Kathleen Broderick, Barry White 10.

Dorothea Croker. Colleen Liebich 14 defeated C Clifton, Liz McLean 11.

Harley Stewart, Bill Scott 14 defeated Cherilyn Cole, Jill Rubie 11.

Dorelle Scott, Colleen Liebich 14, defeated Doreen Roger, Ros Rennick 13.

John MacCullagh, Dorothea Croker, 14 defeated John Cole, Cherilyn Cole 10.

Lorraine Todd, Bob Murray 14, defeated Harley Stewart, Jill Rubie 13.

Elizabeth McLean, Libby Smart 14, defeated C Clifton, Kevin Rubie 11.

Barry White, Bill Scott 14, defeated Kathleen Broderick, Merv Langfield 13.

Bill Scott, Doreen Rogers 14, defeated Barry White, Elizabeth McLean 11.

Colleen Liebich, Jill Rubie 14, defeated Dorelle Scott, Kevin Rubie 11.

Harley Stewart, Cherilyn Cole 14, defeated Kathleen Broderick, John MacCullagh 10.

Dorothea Croker, Lorraine Todd 14, defeated Libby Smart, Merv Langfield 12.

Bob Murray, C Clifton 14, defeated John Cole, Ros Rennick 13.

Bridge Club News

On Monday, November 6 we played a six table Mitchell movement.  The North South winners were Alpana Mahagaonkar and Peter MacPhillamy on 58.30 per cent, with Louise Payne and Grieg Ball in second place on 57.10 per cent.

The East West winners were Ray Jelbart and David Williams on 54.60 per cent with Beth and John Biggs in second place on 54.20 per cent.

On Thursday, November 9 we played a seven table Mitchell movement. The North South winners were Beth and John Biggs on 58.60 per cent with Ray Jelbart and Trudie Mallick in second place on 53.90 per cent.

The East West winners were Di Findley and Helen Pitt on 59.60 per cent with  Marcia Slack-Smith and Elizabeth Jelbart in second place on 57.10 per cent.

-by Judith Kerr