Celebrating River Arts Festival skate park art project

River Arts Festival, Council and Northparkes Mines representatives got together with local skate park users to celebrate a project well done last week.

Kids who use the skate park regularly were part of an art project with Jack ‘Fishdog’ Randall during the River Arts Festival in September.

The two resulting murals are now fixed to the shelter at the skate park, and organisers and sponsors met there last week to congratulate the kids who were part of making the art project happen.

They fixed the final mural to the shelter and the kids put the final touches on it.

Ro Burns, River Arts Festival committee member, said the kids work with “Fishdog”, chose the symbols and words that make up the artworks.

“For all the years River Arts has been going, we have been trying to get something going with kids your age,” Margot Jolly said on the day. 

“We’re excited. I hope you like what you have achieved.”

Ali Creith from sponsor Northparkes Mines also attended and congratulated the kids on the work they’d done.