MATTERS OF STATE: Get me in the loop and let’s work together

WHAT A NIGHT: Member for Orange Phil Donato with Molong SPAR Manager Debbie Gant and Cabonne mayor Kevin Beatty. Photo: CONTRIBUTED
WHAT A NIGHT: Member for Orange Phil Donato with Molong SPAR Manager Debbie Gant and Cabonne mayor Kevin Beatty. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

Last week saw the NSW State Government funnel large sums of money into our much-deserved electorate.

I was excited to receive a call from the Molong Early Learning Centre’s (MELCs) Expansion Committee Coordinator, Kate Strahorn, stating the centre had received $250,909 for their successful application.

It is exciting to see our electorate receive the funding that it deserves. This is yet another in a list of many announcements the Government has made without extending any courtesy to either myself, as your elected Member of Parliament or the council, to advise of the announcement and cheque presentation. 

On 12th October 2017, I delivered a notice of motion in the legislative assembly. I called on the NSW Government to re-instate statesmanship, to provide courtesies to the elected representatives of all three tiers of government.

Following this notice, neither Cabonne Council nor I was notified about the MELC’s or the Cudal Community Children’s Centre on their successful grant applications or the cheque presentation events.

This is not the first time the Nationals have decided to exclude the local elected member.

On September 13 I asked a question without notice of the NSW Minister for Health Brad Hazzard. I questioned the minister regarding the progress of the Molong Ambulance Station, and not even two weeks later the announcement was made by the Nationals, which they decided to keep secret.

It is disappointing that see this reoccurring trend. This isolationist agenda proves how a shift in politics has led to their shameless lack of professionalism and contempt for the voters of this electorate.

It is counterproductive and eliminates the possibility to work collaboratively for the people of the Orange electorate.


I WAS fortune enough to have been asked to attend the 2017 Cabonne Daroo Business Awards at Yeoval last week.

I was joined by Cabonne Council’s mayor Kevin Beatty and Molong SPAR manager Debbie Gant.

I would like to congratulate SPAR Supermarket at Molong who was named the Best Business in Cabonne on the night.

Overall the night was very enjoyable. I congratulate everyone on their awards and can’t wait for the next one.


ASBESTOS is one of the most silent health risks that many face, especially our tradesmen and women.

Each week, 13 Australians die from asbestos induced diseases, 12 of these are from malignant mesothelioma.

If left undisturbed, asbestos poses no serious health risk. However, during renovations or home maintenance, asbestos fibres are released into the air and when inhaled, can lead to fatal diseases.

Since its establishment in 2011, the Asbestos Awareness Campaign has been educating Australians about where asbestos may be found in their homes.

I highly encourage tradesmen and women to visit as they are far more exposed to the ongoing effects of asbestos.

Remember, hazardous asbestos lies hidden in one third of Australian homes, it is important that everyone is aware of the health risks it poses when disturbed.