Forbes Fins dive straight into season

Forbes Fins Swimming Club Inc. have blazed into the 2017/2018 Swimming Season.  

Having already held four successful club nights (time trials), they are well on the way to having a stellar season of swimming through to March 2018.

Results are already showing some personal best times being achieved by swimmers who may not have extensively trained over the winter months, but are coming in fresh after only a few weeks back in squad training.   

Significant improvements to note include:

50m Freestyle 

Jemma Hodder 42.72 to 39.25;

Finn Miller 34.53 to 33.29; 

Nico Bet 50.31 to 47.53; 

Summer Hurford 48.37 to 46.69; 

Annabelle Dwyer 1.12.60 to 1.05.09.

50m Butterfly 

Tom Mattiske 35.75 to 33.19; 

Ellie Mattiske 39.13 to 35.00;

Isla Worland 55.15 to 49.63; 

Colly Thomas 58.53 to 52.84; 

Patrick Bird 1.18.12 to 1.02.78.

50m Backstroke 

Tayte McNamara 1.05.47 to 1.00.69;

Snow Hodder 1.15.16 to 1.09.85; 

Brock Drady 1.42.88 to 1.26.91.

50m Breastroke 

Jonah Little 1.01.56 to 56.22;

Jade McKeown 1.07.72 to 1.04.53; 

Amelia Hodges 1.10.72 to 1.06.38; 

Griff Jones 1.12.03 to 1.07.69; 

Holly Jacobson 1.22.03 to 1.11.60.

Well done to these and many more of the Fins swimmers who are consistently improving. With more than 90 swimmers present at club nights it is proving to be a great family fun night for all.

Not only are the swimmers representing themselves and the Club so well in the water, but the Fins have also been fortunate to have Club Captains, Tom Mattiske and Ellie Flick participate in the Inaugural ‘Lane Ropes to Leadership’ camp hosted by SNSW Youth Advisory Panel at ‘Vision Valley’.   

This was an initiative to ‘upskill teenagers so they can make improvements at their home club and be incentivised to stay in the sport for longer’.  

The management team at Fins are so overwhelmingly proud of these two young people and the contribution they already make to their community.

The FINS are also pleased to announce that they have gained further momentum in a bid to have a structure at the pool that can be utilised for all their training and club equipment.  

At the commencement of the season it was evident that a solution was needed to the lack of storage space at the town pool.

With the assistance of the new pool Management, Lifeguarding Services Australia, and local Council representatives an area was designated to be ‘re-purposed’ to accommodate the FINS.  

Council have agreed to provide some initial resources to enable refurbishment work to take place.  

With that in mind, David Sly of the Diggers Club has also presented the FINS with a cheque for $500.00 which will go toward the building of a structure in the designated area.  

When presenting the money David remarked, “Diggers Club are happy to support a growing Club and see junior swimming develop and prosper.  The FINS swimmers are welcome to join in with the Diggers swimming that takes place every Sunday at 10.00am”

Fins have two specific Diggers events during the 2017/2018 season they will attend, the Australia Day swim and Pup Cup in March.

The FINS management team is looking forward to a friendly and successful collaboration with Diggers.