All you knead to know about the COB Loaf Festival

Spinach and caramelised onion cob loaf as listed on
Spinach and caramelised onion cob loaf as listed on

Word of Wellington’s inaugural COB Loaf Festival has gained national attention this month, leaving cob loaf enthusiasts around the country craving a piece of the action. 

But above all the viral hype remains the question on everyone’s lips – how does one vie for the national COB Loaf title?

International COB Loaf Federation president, Andrew McKay, said the process is simple – turn up at Cameron Park, Wellington at 6pm on November 22 with your finest cob loaf and let the judges do the rest. 

“There is a 6pm drop-off to allow time for people to travel,” he said.

“Competitors will fill out entry forms – including a list of ingredients – and the loaves will be put on display.”

Judging will begin at 7pm and will be based on a points system out of 100. McKay said 30 per cent of the points will be based on appearance, while the remaining 70 per cent will be decided on taste. 

“We are looking for that double-dip factor, and a bit of creativity,” he said.

“We want creativeness, cob loaves that will make you go ‘wow!’”

The judging panel will be made up of five judges ranging from a variety of backgrounds. 

Mark O’Neil will travel from Canberra for the occasion, McKay will also wear a judging hat on the day, and Wellington Times journalist Ellie Hawkey has too been confirmed as a judge. The remaining two positions are yet to be confirmed, however McKay revealed Dubbo Regional Council mayor, Ben Shields, will be offered the position.

“Mark has been critiquing cob loaves for the last 52 years, and Ellie will bring a youthful pallet to the table,” McKay said. 

We want creativeness, cob loaves that will make you go ‘wow!’

Andrew McKay

The rule system, alike that of the registering process, is simple. 

  1. The entry must be of a standard cob loaf size. 
  2. Bonus points will be awarded to competitors who bake their own loaf, however this is not compulsory. 
  3. There is no limit on the amount of cob loaves entered per person.
  4. The cob loaf must be edible. 

For the first year of the competition all entries will be judged under the single category, however the crowd will play a part in deciding the People’s Choice cob.

McKay said the winner of the judges choice category will be crowned the COB Loaf World Champion, and will win a one-day paddle down the Macquarie River for themself and five friends.

The People’s Choice will be presented a medal and paddle package for five friends.

The evening itself is ensured to be a relaxing night out for the family with live music at the rotunda, sit-down meals by the Rotary Club of Wellington, and a Taste of Wellington stall. Children will be kept entertained with old-school games. 

McKay said the ultimate goal of the festival is for it to become an annual event.

“To put Wellington on the map for all the right reasons and to be a curtain raiser for the annual WomDomNom Paddle which supports the Black Dog Institute,” he said.

For more information call Andrew McKay on 0405 494 684.