Netball News

Finals of the Spring Night competitions will be played next week, November 29. The finals will be played between the two top teams on the point score ladders. If the finals are cancelled due to rain, the teams that finished first on the ladder will be declared the winners.

Thank you again to Golfie, who did a great job doing their duty in the office last week. There will be new forms of netball on offer to be played in 2018. Both Fast 5 and Walking netball are being rolled out by NNSW in 2018. Fast 5 will be played on Wednesday nights, from mid February and all of March 2018. Walking netball will be played on Saturdays along with the normal Saturday competition 2018.

VanFest volunteers: The FNA will be volunteering to help with VanFest 2017. The FNA has been allocated the volunteering in the merchandising area and times are 3.30pm till 12.30am Friday December 1, and 12noon till 12.30am on Saturday December 2. Names can be put down on a roster available this week, or contact Secretary Tiff Nicholson

Draw November 22. Ladies competition: 6.30pm crt 4 Postie versus CWD (Jack Piercy/Robyn Kenny). 6-30pm crt 5 Golfie versus Hooligans (Carmen Stephens/Hannah Cudaj). Bye-Forbes Engineering and office duty. 7.20pm: Fast 5 sort demo game. Mixed competition: 7-35pm crt 4 Top Shots versus H & S (CWD). 7-35pm crt 5 Maguires Contracting versus Zenith (Louise Spry/Robyn Kenny). Bye-McClintocks and umpiring duty.