Clash between Forbes and Parkes resulted in win for White Ribbon

On Wednesday, Forbes High and Parkes High met on the football field, but this time the old rivals had a common goal: to support White Ribbon Day.

The rugby league match, a 30-18 win for Forbes High, was played in support of White Ribbon’s message that domestic violence is not okay.

Forbes High School’s White Ribbon Ambassador Barry Merritt said the event was not about the game, but about the cause.

Mr Merritt said the day was amazing and for both sides to come together in this way sent a strong message about domestic violence, which was a massive step forward.

White Ribbon Day 2017 is on Saturday November 25, but Forbes High will be marking the day today.

At 10am Forbes High School and the Forbes Domestic and Family Violence Committee are leading a march to Victoria Park.

The march begins at the corner of Cross and Lachlan streets.

Businesses of Forbes, community groups, and individuals are encouraged to be part of the walk.