Pawsome Funniest Pet competition puts call out for viral video gold

Because if there is one thing the world needs more of, it’s funny pet videos on the internet. 

Whether it’s a video of a cat who’s gotten himself into a questionable situation or a pampered pooch who has forgotten that he’s actually not a human, the content can provide hours of entertaining screen time.

(Side note: while pets on the screen can be entertaining, when they’re in front of it, it can be a different story. Case and point below)

But with a high consumption rate of such “quality” content, comes a high demand for new videos. 

Luckily, the guys at Pawshake are here to fill that need – but they are looking for some help. 

Pawshake has called upon Aussies to take on the task of capturing the hilarious antics of their beloved pets.

You know – the moments where they didn’t quite think things through.

Or even the moments where they don’t realise they’re being filmed.

And you can’t forget about those moments where they’re just being their own majestic selves. 

Whether it’s a video or photo, the entry could not only set your pet on the path to Insta-stardom but you could also score $1500 towards a holiday of your own choosing.

All you need to do is use #PawshakeFunniestPet when you upload the photo or video to your own Facebook or Instagram page.

If that doesn’t entice you enough, Pawshake will also be donating $3 to PetRescue for every participant who submits a video to the competition.

PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity which helps save the lives of thousands of homeless pets every single month.

But entries are only open for a couple more weeks! 

(So get in quick, because it’s the early bird who captures the worm… or tail, in some cases.)

Finalists will be shortlisted and their videos will be shared via the Pawshake FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages on December 21, with the final competition winner announced on January 8.