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Aquatic Golf: Let us hope that we can get some golf in this week, although the weather has been very unsettled. The wet has definitely affected the scores in Sixes Competition.

Aquatic Golf: Let us hope that we can get some golf in this week, although the weather has been very unsettled. The wet has definitely affected the scores in Sixes Competition.

Round eight of the Forbes Golf Club Summer Sixers competition, sponsored by ASI Capital, was a week of contrasting conditions. The early part of the week had humid weather while the latter part of the week suffered from very wet conditions. Consequently scores were a bit higher than previous weeks, although a couple of teams enjoyed these conditions.

The best Members score of the round was made by Mandy Tooth with a 28.5 nett. There was a bit of a gap back to Don Ridley on 30 nett and then John Whatmore on 32. The best Non-members score went to Veronica Rebellato on 29 nett, followed by Lara Stibbard (30.5) and John Hyde (32.5).

The best team scores in each Pool were: B&C Automotive 103 (Pool 1), Flip Floppers 96 (Pool 2), Platypi Players 104.5 (Pool 3), while Pool 4 had shared best scores of 101 by TBC and South Leaders.

The ball/ money voucher winners for each Pool are:

Pool 1 – Mark Watts, Adam Borger, Ray Taylor, Teresa Armitage, Bede Tooth, Colleen Bratton and Tony Cogswell.

Pool 2 – Veronica Rebellata, Lara Stibbard, Mark Collits, John Hyde, Geoff Tilley, Lionel Stevens and Jenny Fletcher.

Pool 3 – Don Ridley, Geoff Betland, Josh Coulthurst, Graeme Hopkins, Vince Aitken, Jayne Norrie and Glendon Hooper.

Pool 4 – Mandy Tooth, Jenny Schall, John Whatmore, Hamish Steep-Park, Shirley Redfern, Vince Pout and John Bruce.

With only one round to go before the Xmas break, some teams have cemented themselves at the top of their Pools. Bush Divas has a commanding 5.5 point lead in Pool 2, with Postie Top Six leading by 3 points in Pool 3. Pools 1 and 2 remain competitive with only 1 point separating TBC and F Troop in Pool 4, and ‘The Never Coulds’ and Coffee Club in Pool 1.

Each week there are good shots and not-so-good shots. But the hardest thing is keeping your concentration while ribald humour surges around you. There is no greater joy than out-driving your team mate who has been ‘casting nasturtiums’ (that is, aspersions) on your capability.

Despite the conditions, all teams managed a score. But generally you still need to score around the 101 to 103 mark to be assured of a win.

Let us hope that we can get some golf in this week, although the weather has been very unsettled. But then, think of all the fun you will have across the Xmas-New Year break, fine tuning your skills for the onslaught in the second half of the comp. Be of Merry Cheer.

-by Smooth Swinger

Men’s Golf

Last weekend saw the countryside and Forbes Golf course deluged by rain. This brought mixed feelings. Those pleased with the rain were thinking of their dams and water supply for the summer, having gone through a dry winter. Those displeased with the wet were those wanting to harvest their crops, to live it up at the Vanfest, and those who wanted to swing their clubs after a busy week.

Unfortunately the course was closed for the whole weekend with no possibility of play. On Saturday there was surface water everywhere, so that even the ducks were using boats. And on Sunday the lagoon had risen, over-washing bridges and threatening greens.

But we do have a number of items we can inform you of, so here goes.

What is Coming Up

On Saturday 9 Dec we hope to hold the Monthly Medal, which was washed out from last weekend, as long as parts of the course have recovered well. There was so much water in the lagoon that a boat was needed to get across the 4th bridge. If it goes ahead it will give players a chance to get a win on the board and be in contention for the Medal of Medallists for 2018.

The AAA Cup usually runs in the background of the regular competitions. The Play-off for this was scheduled for Sunday, December 11, but because of a few technical hitches the contenders for this title have not been notified. Thus the Playoff will be postponed until January 2018. 

We will be holding the Sunday Stableford Medley this Sunday. As we get closer to the Christmas and New Year break, maybe more people will have time to play.

December 14 there will be the second running of the Mid-Week Christmas Hamper.

This was very successful last year, but most comments were that it was too close to Christmas. So by playing it a bit earlier we hope the winners have more chance to prepare their Christmas meal.

December 16 s the Annual ‘Ham Day’, sponsored by Kenny’s Baa Moo Oink. This provides another opportunity for players to ‘take home the bacon’, as long as they get into Kenny’s quickly.

The Christmas weekend has a number of Stableford Medleys being played, except on Christmas Day. 

Looking Ahead

The Programme for 2018 is in the throes of being prepared. Once again we have our standard competitions, but we also have a few new events to throw in there. We are hoping to ensure that there are no clashes between important competitions and championships and the tour groups which are being organised.

There are a number of Lachlan Valley District Golf Association events planned, and also the usual Open events for other Clubs around our locality. 

Once the programme is printed, grab your copy and plan your year ahead. 


To help more people enjoy competitive golf, and especially those who do not work the usual Mon-Fri week, a Mid-Week Competition has commenced. This is being run by Simon through the Pro Shop.

The idea is that any handicapped player can play 18-holes in the comp, any time from Monday to Friday. Avoid Wednesday mornings, which is the Ladies comp. And avoid the Cheating Tuesday as well as the Vets Thursday. This comp will continue over the Xmas-New Year break and as long as there is good support for it.

The Vets held their End-of-Year game yesterday, but will still be playing right up to Xmas. They miss the Xmas-New Year week, then start again on 4 January 4 at Forbes. For those who are eligible but also working, this may be a chance to grab a game or two during the vacation period.

The Club will once again be entering a team in each of the four divisions for the Central West Districts Golf Association Pennants for 2018. For those interested in Match Play competition, and in playing different courses, this is a great opportunity.

Play usually commences at end January or start of Feb, then runs each Sunday for five weeks of competition with the semi-finals and Finals after that.

If you are interested in playing then talk to the Club captain, Steve Grallelis, or make yourself known to any of the current team captains.

Over the next few months we hope to revamp our club’s website. We want to be able to keep up with technology and ensure the website is current. There have been some issues of late, but these will hopefully be resolved soon.

Do not forget to check out our Facebook page. The old page is ‘forbesgolfclub’, but now we are using ‘forbesgolfcourse’. Soon this page will be linked to the website and more information will be available. 

-by Short Putt

Bogan Gate Golf

Well the golfing season has come to an end for 2017. Some of our members are farmers and they will be harvesting and planting for 2018 in the break (but we will have the famous T/Bone runs) they  have commenced with a nine hole event every Sunday commencing at 4.30pm and ending with a sausage sizzle.

The last event on the calendar was “Parkes Overnighter Caravan Park Trophy Day”, on the November 5 the club held a 18 hole 4BBB Stableford and a draw for partners.

The winning pair were Maureen Boness and Bill Scott with 51 points, the runners-up were Shirley Nutley and Colin McKay with 50 points.

Ladies individual was Marion McIntyre with 41 points and the Mens winner was Colin Mckay on a massive 45 points. Men’s Longest drive was Colin McKay. 

Ladies winner was Marion McIntyre, Nearest the pin for the  ladies sixth and 15th Dorelle Scott and for the men was George Falvey.

The Bogan Gate Golf Club would like to thank Champion Post and the Forbes Advocate for their coverage of our news and results it is greatly appreciated. Christmas greetings to you all .