Forbes College for Seniors celebrates a thirty year milestone

The Forbes College for Seniors celebrated its 30th birthday on Tuesday with a formal lunch in the Town Hall.

The College for Seniors was established in 1987 after Bob Lytton and Roger McAdam researched the need for education facilities in the community for senior citizens.

The College is an autonomous branch of the University of the Third Age Network (U3A).

The celebration lunch followed on from the College’s 2017 AGM which saw the election of office bearers.

Jane Gilmour, the newly re-elected President of the Forbes College, said they were extremely pleased to welcome more than 120 members and guests to the white themed anniversary. 

Mrs Gilmour said three of the College’s founder members were present for the ‘Pearl Anniversary’ lunch.

“Thirty years is a remarkable milestone. Our membership has been consistent over those years, which indicates that we have had good programmes and courses to keep us all interested and educated,” she said.

“A common misconception is that the College is for old people (which is) not true.  We cannot and do not have age discrimination. If you are interested in keeping your ‘grey matter’ healthy then Forbes College for Seniors (U3A) is where you should be.”

Mrs Gilmour said she would like to thank everyone who helped to create the event and clean up afterwards. 

The floral arrangements, made by Jill Davis, were available for sale after the lunch making $130 which will be donated to the charity organisation Can Assist.