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Great Golfing: Three hot golfers, Brian Everest, Digit McAuliffe and Brian Doyle, finishing in the 18th and looking for a cool drink.
Great Golfing: Three hot golfers, Brian Everest, Digit McAuliffe and Brian Doyle, finishing in the 18th and looking for a cool drink.
Forbes Golf: For more information visit

Forbes Golf: For more information visit

The forecast hot weather eventuated, which served to urge the players to score low and quickly to get out of the heat. And this they achieved, making the Monthly Medals hot to handle.

Saturday, January 6 was the Monthly Medal Stroke event, sponsored by Linden Byrne. Linden was out there early batting his way around and urging all the other players to be kind to him.

But many of the 64 players in the field had one goal in mind – finish quickly, which ensured that nearly a third of the field finished on nett par or better.

The A grade winner was Dan Bayley who put on a master class in how to play the game. He scored par for each nine holes, recovering from a double bogey on each nine with two birdies to finish with a nett 69.

One of the powerhouse players, Steve Betland finished with 69 scratch, but because of his handicap had to settle for runner-up with nett 71. He had 33-36 for his split, with four birdies on the front nine and one bogey.

The B grade was all about one player, Terry Griffiths. He finished with the best score of the day, a nett 63, a long way ahead of the rest of the grade.

Terry found the front nine easy, turning in par, but had a ‘quick-step stumble’ on 14, 15 and 16 before finishing strongly with a 40.

Runner-up was left to one of the last players in the field. Andy Cogswell returned to the course and played with zeal to score a nett 67. If those two double-bogeys had not popped up he would have tied Terry.

The C grade had many stories of shots being left on the course. Eventually, the cream rose to the top with Craig Barrett scoring a nett 69, including three sevens, to finish ahead of Geoff Drane with his nett 70, and only two sevens. Like most players they both enjoyed the front nine but erred a bit on the back nine.

The ball sweep went to 72 on count back, going to: 63 – T Griffiths; 67 – Andy Cogswell, S French; 68 – K Sanderson, P Barnes,; 69 – D Bayley, C Barrett, S Kirkman; 70 – G Drane, P Maher, 71 – B Parker, S Betland, 72 – J Zannes, P Dawson, G Betland, M Andrews, A McDonald and F Donohoe.

The NTP’s went to: First – Laurie O’Connor, 18th – Dan Bayley. The twos count was again low, with only seven in total being scored. The majority of those were on the 3rd hole. There were no visitors, probably being frightened off by the high calibre of the Forbes players.

Most players had minor movements in their handicaps. About eight players, including the Terry Tornado, dropped a shot, and a couple even gained a shot.

And once again some personal history was made. One player had his best score ever, an 86, and this made with the first 18-hole game playing with his new clubs. With form like this Stuart French will soon be pushing the doors on a single figure handicap.

But Stuart still has some work to do to emphatically control his irons. A shanked approach to the sixth green almost took some of his playing mates out, who were standing in what they thought was a safe place on the right side of the green.

Another to suffer the dreaded ‘SH…’ word was Digit. His second shot on the seventh hole was a sweetly crisp shot that went at right angles.

It headed towards the OB but luckily the ball struck a post and remained in-bounds. He did have an excuse – a torn calf muscle that prevented his usual fluid swing.

Carts were definitely in demand on Saturday. Some said this would help their golf, but others were not so lucky. Phil Maher usually walks, but this week elected to go by cart.

Unfortunately he spent most of his time among the trees rather than down the middle of the fairway. Luckily he had a bright coloured shirt on so he could be found.

The Christmas cheer is still affecting some players. Andy Dukes ‘fertilised’ the back nine again, nearly blowing his whole handicap on it. Stevie G could have been five or six shots better, but his putts were short all day long – except for the one that won the Keno ticket!

And Pete Cowhan had a day where he missed fairways, missed putts but won the Keno.

Sunday was Stableford Medley day, played by ten players who all went out real early. Scores were once again pretty good with only three players dipping below 36 points.

The winner was Mike Spice with 43 points, and a nice lead over Peter Barnes on 40 points.

There was no ball sweep and only one NTP. That was on the ninth and went to Aileen Williams, a visitor from Sugar Valley GC. She and her husband Grahame often travel through and usually always stop for a game.

This time he managed score sufficient points to equal his handicap. We look forward to their return.

Here is the news: Players are reminded that they must sign their card at the completion of their game.

You would not want to have a good score, then miss out on a prize because you had not signed your card.

Another reminder that on January 27 we shall be holding the fourth playing of the two person, two club Australian Championship, sponsored by Cahill’s Footwear.

This is an event that will test your ability to manufacture a shot with a weapon that is not familiar to you.

In the words of an Indiana Jones movie, “Choose your partner wisely” (something like that at least).

Get yourself ready for the 2018 CWDGA Pennants, which will commence on February 4. Our first game is at Duntryleague. Handicaps for participants will be that existing on Sunday, January 21.

A nomination sheet for consideration for selection in a team is on the notice board soon.

If you are interested in playing Match Play and representing Forbes then please put your name on the sheet.

The “Mid-Week Comp” being run by Simon has had a few modifications over recent weeks. In fairness to all comps, it is now settled on a Mon-Fri comp.

This is open to men and ladies. It is a good way to get some practice in. The Sixes Competition got underway again this week. From now on it is all serious business as teams focus on finishing in the Semi-Finals. Some members news. Ron Morris is back at home after a trip to the hospital.

And Andy Cogswell will spend more time at home – looking after his and Christine’s baby which is expected in May. Congrats to them both.

It is crystal ball time: Saturday, January 13 is scheduled for an 18-hole Stroke comp sponsored by Rob Allen Livestock Transport. Sunday, January 14 is the Stableford Medley.

Saturday, January 20 is an 18-hole Stableford, with Sunday 21 being the Stableford Medley.

Saturday 27 Jan is the two person, two club Championship, sponsored by Cahill’s Footwear. Once again the players will have to meet a demanding challenge to enjoy success.

On Friday, January 26 and Sunday, January 28 there will be Stableford Medleys for those who want an easier and more traditional game. Did you hear about the new learner who was being taught how to play the game by a friendly club player.