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Copious amounts of Cake: Happy Birthday to the ladies lovely, Mary Hodges, Jill Rubie and Caryl Slattery.

Copious amounts of Cake: Happy Birthday to the ladies lovely, Mary Hodges, Jill Rubie and Caryl Slattery.

Women’s Bowls

What a great start to our Club’s Major Single’s  Competition. The weather was cooler early in the morning with overcast skies and a nice breeze which at times was quite gusty.

The results of the first round are as follows:  Leisa Burton won 25–15 against Loris Stewart. This was Loris’s first time playing in a singles competition and she played very good bowls during the match. Pat Hodson won 25–11 against Jan Palmer. This was Jan’s first time ever playing a singles game and she acquitted herself very admirably. 

Ann Mackay won 26–24 against Jan Waugh. This game was great to watch as they both took the lead over and over again. The second last end the score was 23-24 with Jan leading by one and Ann took the game with three points. The second round of the Major Singles  to be played this week is:

  • Leisa Burton versus Pat Hodson,
  • Ann Mackay versus Ellyse Cunningham
  • Pam Stevens versus Judy Girot
  • Anne Walker versus Annette Tisdell.

Social games were enjoyed by Jill Taylor/Anne Walker (sharing a game) Lyn Elliott and Hazel Prince who lost to Loris Stewart, Glenys Ryan and Pam Stevens playing Triples and a Pairs game between Leslie Dunstan and Annette Tisdell who lost to Margaret O,Connell and Judy Girot.

Our new players from last  year we would love to see you playing bowls again. We start at 9.30am and finish before it gets too hot so please ring in between 8.30am and 9am tomorrow Wednesday, February 14. Pat Hodson won the Bowls Competition and Leslie Dunstan won the meat Parcel.

-by Judy Girot

Indoor Bowls

What a great turn out of bowlers and a very entertaining after noon of bowls. Allan Wright put the perfect bowl down picked up the jack and took it right to the edge of the mat Gloria was next to play and Gloria had a better bowl she took Allans bowl out and sat on the jack and it was half inch of the end of the mat.

Winners for the day Sandy Joan and Vera two wins one lose 20 points. Runners up Denny Liz and Allan two wins one lose 18 points. Chocolate went to Wilma Betty Rees Betty Mc and Loraine. Computation was won by Gloria Loraine and Liz thank you every one who bring prizes for the table. Wednesday afternoon bowls played at the Forbes Youth and Community Centre name in by 1.15pm for 1.30pm start.

-by Wilma Hepburn

Squash Club

Another full calendar for Forbes Squash and Sporting Club has begun. Our 2018 Summer Competition commenced on February 7 and 8. Three other competitions will run throughout the year as well as our Club Championships.

The 2018 Forbes Squash Open which can attract up to 100 players will be held in March. Information regarding these and other squash events is available by contacting Club president Garry Dempsey or registrar Graham Coombs, enquiries welcome. Come along and watch an evening of Squash at the Golf and Sportsman’s Hotel, you may be inspired. Results for our first week of competition are as follows.

Wednesday evening; Wayne and Brendon displayed a relentless campaign of high caliber squash. Harry Toole nipped Alister Carlisle in the bud in four sets and Harry’s Dad Neil did the same to Ethan Gaffney in their fifth set.

Team results were: Court One; W Bilboroughs (9) lost to Allegris (12) Wayne lost to Brendon 2–3, W Wallace d L Webb 3–1, S Tottenham lost to S J Miller 0–3. Court Two; Acrets (12) d D Bilsboroughs (9) Regan d Danny 3–0, E Cowhan lost to M Bentick, 0–3, H Toole d A Carlisle 3–1. Court Three, Coombs (13) lost to Hennocks (14) Graham lost to Jake 0–3, N Toole d E Gafney 3–2, C Toole lost to P Cormie 1–3.

Next weeks draw: Wednesday; Team 2 versus 3, 1 versus 6, 4 versus 5.

Thursday night; Kingy grabbed the first set from Ollie but Ollie was resolute from then on and Jack Gordon is back with a vengeance. Lockie Miller was having a great night but  Golf Ace, John Betland couldn’t quite take a set from Pete Thompson.

Dave Hodges likes Thursday night and Lindy Cowhan showed she can still play great squash.

Team results were: Court one, Kings (18) lost to Dawes (24) Kingy lost to Ollie 1–3, D Bailey defeated J.Cannon 3–1, C McQuie lost to D.Haynes 2–3, B.Thomas lost to M.Webb 0–3, A.Gordon defeated S.Mackay 3–0, G.Falvey lost to L.Stibbard 0–3.

Court two, Pipers (12) lost to Doyles (30) Darryn defeated Alex 3–0, N.Roach lost to sub L.Miller 0–3, sub C.McQuie lost to L Miller 0–3, J Betland lost to P.Thompson 0–3, sub Bl.Thomas lost to B.Acret 0–3, R.Madge lost to S.Gordon 1–3.

Court three, Hornery’s (20) defeated Acrets (15) Sam lost to Regan 0–3, B Allegri defeated K.Sharpe 3–1, P.Cowhan lost to S.Webb 2–3, D.Hodges defeated T.Coombs 3–0, sub L.Cowhan defeated L.Stibbard 3–1. Next weeks draw: Thursday; Team 2 versus 3, 1 versus 6, 4 versus 5.

-by Drop Shot!


Results week ending February 10: Tuesday saw a good number of players turn out considering the hot early mornings we’ve had recently. The morning was followed by a birthday lunch at the Chinese Garden restaurant for three of our members, Mary Hodges, Jill Rubie and Caryl Slattery.

Clean sweepers with three winning games on Tuesday were Harley Stewart, Libby smart and John MacCullagh, Veva MacCullagh, Barry White. Congratulations teams. Saturday saw another good turn out with a team of two following on and playing two balls each. Congratulations Barry Shearing, a visiting and infrequent player for taking on this task and making a very creditable 11 points against Bill Scott’s 14 points.

Clean sweepers on Saturday were Merv Langfield, Veva MacCullagh, Kevin Rubie and Bill Scott. Congratulations teams. Club President Elvy Quirk welcomed Anne and Harley Stewarts visitors Helen Moore and Barry Shearing to our Saturday games and made a further announcement wishing Cherylin Cole a speedy recovery from her very recent heart surgery.

Golf Croquet: Libby Smart, Bill Scott 8, defeated Kevin Rubie, Elvy Quirk 5. John and Veva MacCullagh 7, defeated Dorothea Croker, John Allegri 6. Lorna Field, Lily Allegri 9, defeated Marjorie Styles, Z Blake 4. Ken Styles, Jill Rubie 8, defeated Kathleen Broderick, Dorelle Scott 5. Barry White, Caryl Slattery 7, defeated Bruce Field, Mary Hodges 6. Harley Stewart, Mal Smith 8, defeated Jim Blake, Bob Murray 5. Neville Morrison, John Cole 7, defeated John H Browne, Colleen Liebich 6. Roz Rennick, Joan Littlejohn 7, defeated Merv Langfield, Robin Pols 6. Marjorie Styles, Joan Littlejohn 8, defeated Elvy Quirk, Lily Allegri 5. Harley Stewart, Colleen Liebich 8, defeated Mary Hodges, Dorothea Croker 5. Dorelle Scott, Jill Rubie 10, defeated Robin Pols, Z Blake 3. Libby Smart, Veva MacCullagh 7, defeated John Cole, Kevin Rubie 6. John MacCullagh, Bill Scott 8, defeated John H Browne, Lily Allegri 5. Bruce Field, Mal Smith 10, defeated Jim Blake, Lorna Field 3. Barry White, Ken Styles 10, defeated Bob Murray, Merv Langfield 3. Roz Rennick, Carol Slattery 8, defeated Kathleen Broderick, Neville Morrison 5. Harley Stewart, Marjorie Styles 8, defeated Ken Styles, Dorelle Scott 5. Bruce Field, Libby Smart 9, defeated Mal Smith, Jill Rubie 4. Elvy Quirk, Colleen Liebich 8, defeated Mary Hodges, Jim Blake 5. John Cole, Dorothea Croker 7, defeated Bill Scott, Neville Morrison 6. John MacCullagh, Kathleen Broderick 8, defeated Roz Rennick, Bob Murray 5. John H Brown 8, defeated Joan Littlejohn, Kevin Rubie 5. Barry White, Lily Allegri 7 defeated Bill Little, Merv Langfield 6. John Allegri, Veva MacCullagh 8 defeated Robin Pols, Caryl Slattery 5

Aussie Croquet: Kevin Rubie, Veva MacCullagh 14, defeated Dorelle Scott, Lorraine Todd 10. Colleen Liebich, Bill Scott 14, defeated Joan Littlejohn, Lorna Field 10. Harley Stewart, Barry Shearing 14, defeated John Allegri, John H Browne 12. Bob Murray, Kathleen Broderick 14, defeated Roz Rennick, Dorothea Croker 13. Jill Rubie 14, defeated Libby Smart 13. John MacCullagh, Robin Pols 14, defeated Doreen Rogers, Elvy Quirk 13. Merv Langfield, Helen Moore 14, defeated Bruce Field, Anne Stewart 13. Libby Smart, Bill Scott defeated Lorraine Todd, Barry Shearing 11. Dorelle Scott, Dorothea Croker 14, defeated Colleen Liebich, Kathleen Broderick 9. Harley Stewart, Veva MacCullagh 14, defeated Elvy Quirk, Helen Moore 9. John H Browne, Robin Pols 14, defeated Joan Littlejohn, Doreen Rogers 10. Jill Rubie, Lorna Field 14, defeated John MacCullagh, Anne Stewart 13. Merv Langfield, Bob Murray 14, defeated John Allegri, Roz Rennick 11. Kevin Rubie 14, defeated Bruce Field 13. Kevin Rubie, Merv Langfield 14, defeated Jill Rubie, Kathleen Broderick 9. Bruce Field, Colleen Liebich 14, defeated Doreen Rogers, Harley Stewart 13. Elvy Quirk, John H Browne 14, defeated Dorothea Croker, John Allegri 12. Libby Smart, Veva MacCullagh 14, defeated Bob Murray, Anne Stewart 9. Bill Scott 14, defeated Barry Shearing 11. John MacCullagh, Joan Littlejohn 14, defeated Helen Moore, Robin Pols 11.

-by Anne Stewart